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Albany, Georgia

... just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!



... as we celebrate the "TIMES" of our lives ... !!!   


The Complete History of the


Albany High School


(click here Albany Academy for history of The Albany Academy - Albany's all-grades school)

1916 - 1925

In 1916,  Albany High School,  a ten room class room building with two bicycle racks, was built on the southwest corner of  Monroe Street and Society Avenue.   It remained AHS until 1925.  In 1926,  the high school on Monroe Street became McIntosh School and served for almost 50 years.  It was named for Mr. H.M. McIntosh,  former Editor of The Albany Herald.   Grades 4 - 6 were taught there.   Miss Toy Spence was the Principal.


1926 - 1954

The new Albany High School opened in 1925 at 1000 N. Jefferson Street.   Mr. J.O. Allen was Principal.   The south end of the school was for boys and the north end was for girls!   There was no lunchroom. 

The first Librarian was Mrs. Mabel White Hogue.  The Indian was first mentioned in the 1925 Thronateeska.   Thronateeska, the Indian name for the Flint River, means "giving forth" in the Creek Indian language.   The Student Council was started in 1926-27 with Stephen Hofmayer as President.




                                                                                          Site of 1954 Graduation Ceremony 

...  last graduating class from the Jefferson Street Building


1955 and going forward ...

When the doors opened at the third new Albany High School on Residence Avenue, the Class of 1955 proudly assumed the role of the first Senior Class.   Mr. J. J. Cordell was Superintendent of Education,  Mr. J. O. Allen was Superintendent Emeritus,  and Mr. H.E. (Mr. Mac) McNabb was Principal.   In addition to Mr. Cordell,  Ed Martin,  J. P Champion, Jr.,  E. H. Kalmon,  Jos. S. Rosenberg,  H. Holcombe Perry,  Jim  Porter Watkins and Louis Peacock served on the Dougherty County Board of Education.   Dennis and Dennis were Architects,  Richard V, Richard, Associate,  and S. J. Curry of  S. J. Curry and Company was General Contractor.  The 1955 Thronateeska Editor-in-Chief was Claire Wooddy.  The Annual was dedicated to  Mrs. Helen Myers Long, and to the memory of Lansing Burrows Mays.  Emory Lewis was Student Body President.  Sara Cordell and Jimmy Phillips were selected by faculty vote to be the recipients of the Kiwanis Award and the McIntosh Award,  the highest awards attainable at Albany High School. 











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Sponsors for June 2013 - May 2014

This website grew out of a plan to start a website for the Class of 1955, but so many other classes showed interest, that The Albany High Times was created instead for all classes. 


The website has connected classmates in a wonderful way, and you who have volunteered to be sponsors for the next year are a part of making that happen! 


Here are our new Sponsors:

* Bruce Lanier, Class of 1955

* Eddie Ort, Class of 1948

* Patricia Anne West Green, Class of 1960

In Honor of my dear friends, Celia Davis Cochran, Class of 1960; and Hazel Sutton Brown, Class of 1960

* Claire Ann Hammond Alvis, Class of 1960

In Memory of Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962

* Bill Upton, Class of 1960

In Memory of Nicky Lewis, Class of 1960

* Van Knowles, Class of 1958

In Honor of Wesley Knowles, my bride of 52 years June 20, 2014

* Jane Bass Culpepper, Class of 1950

In Memory of my husband, Roland Culpepper, Class of 1948; and my brothers, Ezekial "Zeke" Bass; John Roy Bass, Class of 1938; and Ray Willon Bass, Class of 1944

* Pam Burgess Middleton, Class of 1961

* Dian Thompson Clark, Class of 1964

In Honor of Class of 1964

* Jay Beck, Class of 1962

In Memory of my mother, Olivia (Livy) Beck, who taught art at AHS from 1946-47. She passed in 2005.

* Marie Fowler Howe, Class of 1956

*Anne Ruffin Folsom, Class of 1956

In Memory of her sister Margaret Ruffin, Class of 1947; and brother Robert Lee "Bobby" Ruffin, Class of 1949

*Joanne Simmons Smith, Class of 1958

In Memory of Dr. Virginia Richardson Morgan, Class of 1947

* “Shawn” Shirley McDaniel Martin, Class of 1963

* Randolph "Randy" W. Sammons, Class of 1960

* Amy Robertson Beaver, Class of 1968

In Memory of Paul Robertson

* The Mullin’s … Paul, Class of 1969, and Pam Dunston, Class of 1971

In Memory of Steve Fuller, Class of 1969, who died much too young

* George Lawson Vann, Class of 1955

* Becky Gammage Dupree, Class of 1955

In Memory of Virginia Claire Morgan

* Hazel Britton Newman, Class of 1954

In Memory of Jack Riley Newman, M.D., Class of 1948

Anna Stephens Arthur, Class of 1962

George Bennis, Class of 1956

Don Callaway, Class of 1964

In Honor of Coach Graham Lower for the many years of dedicated service to the youth of Southwest Georgia

Annelle Stem Griffin, Class of 1952

In Memory of my fab husband Dick Griffin, who passed in 2006

Richard Simpson, Class of 1948

Tom Robinson, Class of 1961

Phil Youngblood, Class of 1965


Albany High Times is extremely grateful to ALL who have been willing to Sponser!





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