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This page last modified: Saturday June 30, 2018    
Albany, Georgia

... just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!

... and looking back ... we celebrate the "TIMES" of our lives ... !!! 

Albany High School  .... Through the Years
~ 1908  to  2017 ~

First Dedicated Albany High School

1908 - 1925

North Corner of Monroe and Society

Second AHS Building

1925 - 1954

North Jefferson Street

Last AHS Building

Fall of 1954 - Closed 2017

Residence Avenue


The Monroe and North Jefferson Schools were 3 grade years until 1951

The North Jefferson and Residence Schools were 4 grade years until 2017


Note: for earlier high school history: Mrs. Anselm Sterne's Institute founded in 1877

and The Albany Academy founded in 1886

(click here) Albany Academy




~ 1908 to June 2017 ~

The History

of the

1st, 2nd, and 3rd buildings that housed ...


First Albany High School

~ 1908 - 1925 ~


  In 1908, a two-story building with ten class rooms and two bicycle racks, was the first actual Albany High School.  It was built on the southwest corner of  Monroe Street and Society Avenue.  It was an 11 grade school.

Over the next 9 years it was obvious they had outgrown the building, and
in the fall of 1925, the AHS on Monroe Street became McIntosh School, housing grades 4 - 6, and served for almost 50 years.  It was named for Mr. H.M. McIntosh,  former Editor of The Albany Herald.   Miss Toy Spence was the Principal.


~ 1925 to 1954 ~

The second Albany High School building opened in the fall of 1925 at 1000 N. Jefferson Street.  Mr. J.O. Allen was Principal.   The south end of the school was for boys and the north end was for girls!   There was no lunchroom.  There were only 11 grades! 

The Class of 1950 was the last year with 11 grades.  Serving as a bridge in the change from 11 to 12 classes, the Class of 1951 was small; but by the next year, the Class of 1952 was the first full class to graduate in 12 years! 

The first Librarian was Mrs. Mabel White Hogue.  The Indian was first mentioned in the 1925 Thronateeska.   Thronateeska, the Indian name for the Flint River, means "giving forth" in the Creek Indian language.   The Student Council was started in 1926-27 with Stephen Hofmayer as President. 

The Class of 1954 was the last graduating class in this building.


Site of Class of 1954 Graduation Ceremony, last class to graduate from Jefferson Street


~ 1955 - 2017 ~ 

Sadly, Albany High School closed abruptly on June 6, 2017, on the

 first Senior Class of 1955's 62nd Anniversary of their Graduation Day, June 6, 1955

When the doors opened at the third new Albany High School on Residence Avenue, the Class of 1955, proudly assumed the role of the first Senior Class.   Mr. J. J. Cordell was Superintendent of Education,  Mr. J. O. Allen was Superintendent Emeritus,  and Mr. H.E. (Mr. Mac) McNabb was Principal.   In addition to Mr. Cordell,  Ed Martin,  J. P Champion, Jr.,  E. H. Kalmon,  Jos. S. Rosenberg,  H. Holcombe Perry,  Jim  Porter Watkins and Louis Peacock served on the Dougherty County Board of Education.   Dennis and Dennis were Architects,  Richard V, Richard, Associate,  and S. J. Curry of  S. J. Curry and Company was General Contractor. 

The 1955 Thronateeska Editor-in-Chief was Claire Wooddy.  The Annual was dedicated to  Mrs. Helen Myers Long, and to the memory of Lansing Burrows Mays.  Emory Lewis was Student Body President.  Sara Cordell and Jimmy Phillips were selected by faculty vote to be the recipients of the Kiwanis Award and the McIntosh Award,  the highest awards attainable at Albany High School. 

~ Last AHS Building - Through the Years ~












~ Our Sponsors ~


June 2018 - May 2019!!

This website grew out of a plan to start a website for the Class of 1955 (first class to graduate from new Residence Avenue building), but soon many other classes showed interest, so The Albany High Times was created instead, for all classes. 


The number of Indians (classes of 1933 - 2018) in the tent is close to 2,000.


The website has connected classmates in a wonderful way, and those listed below  who have volunteered to be Sponsors for the next year, are a part of making that happen! They are:

*Shirley Thompson Rogers, Class of 1960

In Honor of my mom, Ouida Jane Ellis, graduate of AHS in 1939 

*Brenda Tanner Shemwell Bottoms, Class of 1964

Mot Shemwell, Class of 1957

Linda Giddens Swain, Class of 1965

Honoring Mr. Harry Martin, Band Director

*Carla Sterne Linn, Class of 1961

In Memory of my beloved daughter, Laura Geneder (4/19/86 - 8/13/08) 

*Anne Stinson Porter, Class of 1961

*Nancy Winter Huggins, Class of 1949

In Honor of Carleen Newell Flowers, Class of 1948

*Kay Hackney Grant, Class of 1961

In Honor of my mother, Dorothy Manning Hackney, AHS Class of 1939

*Don Bravaldo, Class of 1952

*Jim Richter, Class of 1957

*Mike Harris, Class of 1964

In Memory of Robert (Bob) Bickerstaff, Class of 1964.  Each issue of The Albany High Times' NEWS & CLUES" states, " just a small town in South Georgia that grew the bet kids ever raised" ... these words say it all about Bob Bickerstaff

*Ada Davis Hall, Class of 1964

In Honor of my sisters, Edwina Davis Shealy, Class of 1958; and Sally Davis Peek, Class of 1960

*Jay Pryor, Class of 1962  

In Memory of Wilda Slappey Pryor, Class of 1933; mother of Jay and Judy Pryor Hoxie. Also, beloved Albany Junior High teacher.

*Charlotte Durden Arnold, Class of 1960

*Jimmy Dickinson, Class of 1957

In Memory of Big Bro, Roger Dickinson, Class of 1954, from Lil' Bro, Jimmy Dickinson, Class of 1957

*Martha Gray Alkonis, Class of 1960

*T. Ken Musgrove, Class of 1961

In Memory of Frank F. Hutto, Class of 1961 and Corinne Beverly Flanigan, Class of 1961

*Jonnie Holley Douglas, Class of 1962

*Robert Vick, Class of 1964

*Peggy Houston Henderson, Class of 1954

In Memory of Billy Bragg, whose influence encouraged me to pursue an English major and become a high school English teacher. He was the best!!!

*Lakea M. Charmon, Class of 2006

*Susan Riffe O'Neal, Class of 1954

In Memory of Tommy Herrington, Class of 1956

*Donald K. Pollock, Class of 1966
*Jim Cline, Class of 1961
*Tom Robinson, Class of 1961
*Art Spies, Class of 1962

*Joann Roark Arneson, Class of 1962

In Honor of the "Class of 1962 Luncheon Girls"
*Ken Adams, Class of 1963

In Memory of Alan Folmer, Class of 1963. Gone but not forgotten. RIP
*Sharon Smith Spies, Class of 1958

In Honor of the AHS Class of '58. Thanks for all the many years of great memories of all of our years together and especially our fantastic reunions, thanks to Linda Cullom Jordan and all her helpers
*Marion Underwood Gandy, Class of 1954

In Memory of Katherine Jones Mack, Class of 1954
*Julia Purvis Montgomery, Class of 1968

In Memory of Joseph F. Purvis, Class of 1934
*Shirley Austin Wright, Class of 1957
*Cynthia Clyatt Ferguson, Class of 1960

In Memory of my sister, Angela Clyatt Fausett, Class of 1956
*Anna Stephens Arthur, Class of 1962

A Tribute to the 57 years since my 1961 graduation from Albany High School
*Jacqueline Albert Ermey, Class of 1955

*Joanne Simmons Smith, Class of 1958

In Memory of Tom Herrington, Class of 1956. As a sophomore, new to AHS and Mr. Sell's band, I looked up to Tom Herrington, who was an obvious leader of that class. He showed maturity and kindness, a role model for underclassmen.


The Albany High Times

... is extremely grateful to ALL, who through the years,

have been willing to serve as  Sponsors for the Albany High Times!




"ALBANY HIGH TIMES"  and "News & Clues"

*** Beverly Smith (Zacharias) Herrington first posted a TEMPORARY website on her personal website on June 4, 2002

*** The ORIGINAL stand-alone ALBANY HIGH TIMES website was first posted on August 16, 2002

*** As the number of Indians grew, the monthly newsletter, "NEWS & CLUES", was created.  The first edition was emailed January 21, 2007.  The monthly issues reach approximately 2,000 Indians in classes from 1933 to 2018!



Comments, questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to:



  •  Creator and Webmaster: Beverly Smith Herrington ('55),

  •  Reporter/Editor: Tommy Pattison  ('54),

  •  Reporter/Editor: Martha LeSueur Nicholson  ('56),

  •   Reporter:  Bruce Garey ('63),

  •  Liaison to 1960's and 1970's: Joann Roark Arneson ('62),

  •  Liaison to 1970's and 1980's: Lynne Garrison Johnson ('82),

  •  Genealogic Consultant for "In Memoriam": Brenda Arnett Darbyshire ('67),

  •  Website Advisor: B. Dianne Calhoun,,  daughter of Beverly Smith Herrington ('55) and James M. Calhoun ('50)

  •  Also ... thanks to Tommy Pattison, Tommy Herrington (deceased), Buster Wasden and Dan Brooks (deceased) who helped get the Albany High Times off the ground in 2002! 

  •   Tommy Herrington (D) served for 15+ years as a Staff Member.




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