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Below are differing memories and opinions of Eleventh Avenue Elementary School ...


Eleventh Avenue Elementary School

"Cotton Mill School"


Note:  Many Albanians had no knowledge of the 11th Avenue School and wondered where it was located.  Here is Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck's ('63) recollection ...


"The last time I was at that school would have been around 1953/54 so my memory is somewhat sketchy, at best, now! I think it was located on the southeast corner of 11th and Monroe but someone else has said they thought it was on the corner of 11th and Madison. I've ridden over in the area and I still want to put it at the corner of Monroe.


Madison & Monroe are just a block a part. I remember that as you turned off Jefferson, you could immediately see the big white school and that would place it on Monroe better than Madison. There is an empty lot at 11th and Monroe. I may be thinking Monroe because my aunt, Anna Bland, had a car accident at the corner of 8th and Monroe as "she was coming home from school" so my mama said. If my mama was in the car with me and we were on 8th passing by Monroe, mama never failed to tell me that!" (4/15/2013)


Anna Bland's Class (year unknown)




Anna Bland's Class (year unknown)


I drove down through the old Cotton Mill Village area to see if I could remember exactly where the school was located.   Just looking at the old houses and what is left of the mill, I figure it must have been located at the corner of 11th Avenue and Monroe with the front of the school facing 11th Ave.  Mr. Beasley’s grocery store was located in close proximity to the school, maybe across the street.  


The school was a white wooden building and to me, a young child, it resembled an old country church.   If my memory serves me correctly, it was a two room school with my grandmother teaching the younger children and Ruth Whaley teaching the older children up through the 6th grade.  Before I started to school, and later when my school wasn’t in session, I would sometimes go with my grandmother to the school.  I definitely remember the hard wooden floors and that there was a piano in the classroom. I seem to recall a wood stove in the room.  


The children sat in different sections of the classroom according to their grade.  They had a huge playground with playground equipment that would be banned today.  They had a really tall slide, those huge swing sets, monkey bars, and my favorite, a giant stride (remember those?).  Of course, there was no lunchroom so the children brought their lunches or they went home for lunch. 


I do not know the years the class pictures were taken; one looks to be from the early 50s and the other from the late 40s maybe.  Hope someone can identify some of the children.  At one time, we had a picture of the school and I am attempting to find that picture. 


I am not sure how long the school was there before 1945 but it closed down about 1954 or 1955.


After the 6th grade, the children at the 11th Avenue School would have gone on to Albany Jr. High and Albany High. 


~ More Comments from AHS Indians ~


Do you remember the 11th Avenue School for the Flint River Cotton Mill?

We moved from Columbus, GA, to the Mill Village in Albany in the summer of 1955. I had just finished the 5th grade. I believe that school had just closed that year or maybe the year before. I remember the white wooden school building across from Beasley's Store at the corner of 11th Avenue and Madison Street. I know it was not used after we moved to Albany, and it was torn down not long after we moved there. I went to 6th grade at McIntosh School, and my brother went to 3rd grade at Mamie Brosnan School.

~ Tom Cook (’62)


*** I attended 1st grade in that school, then was moved to Northside. The first picture has Linda and Brenda Owens in the back row, they were our neighbors on 11th.

~ Charlene Middleton Clark


*** Yes I do remember and went to the school thru 3rd grade. Buddy and Betty Holley, my brother and sister, are in the pictures.


The school was at the NW corner of 11th Avenue and Madison.  The school only had 3 rooms, and only taught grades 1 thru 3.  Beasley's Grocery Store was across the Street on the NE corner of 11th and Madison.

~ Jonnie Holley Douglas('62)


*** The school was located at the southwest corner of 11th Ave. & Madison facing 11th Ave. It looked almost like a duplex apartment with a three or four step-up to a covered front porch. There were two large classrooms. Over time the building became an eye sore as a result of deterioration and vandalism. I believe a storm did considerable damage to the structure which led to it being demolished in the mid-60s. I used to play in the school yard and it seems I remember climbing on the monkeybars and what was left of the big slide. There were better places to hang out; especially in the summer…..can you say “sandspurs”?

~ Gerald Cook ('65)

*** I do remember the sandspurs in the school yard, and all over the mill village. We did not know about sandspurs until we moved to Albany!

~ Thomas L. "Tom" Cook ('62)





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