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Memories of the 20's

In 1916, Albany High School, a ten room class room building with two bicycle racks, was built on the southwest corner of Monroe Street and Society Avenue.  It remained AHS until 1925, when it became McIntosh.  

Class of 1922

1922 Football


1922 Boys Freshman Class


Class of 1923


AHS 1923 Football Team

The  1922, 1923, and 1924 pictures on this wepage were sent by Pat Adams ('56) Shays, who was forwarded the pictures from her brother, Ken Adams ('63).  Their father is on the front row of each picture ... Spike Adams!!!

In researching the original source, I found that Marian Chambless Sherman ('63) had submitted the pictures with the following text!

"I have a couple of pictures of football teams with familiar names and faces. One is dated 1923, and I think the other would be 1924. My father in law, Mercer Sherman, wrote names on the back, but some were hard to read. The first has the date of 1923 on it. This is the roster as well as I can tell":

Rear Row: Paul Pate, ______Hill, Peter Nix.
Middle Row: Wilson Joiner, Bud Johnson, George Royal, Joe Freeman
Front Row: Turner Ball, ______Hill, Spike Adams, Tom Robinson, Fatty Bozeman, Mercer Sherman, Bill Davis


Class of 1924


1924 Baseball Team

1924 Junior Boys

Thronateeska Page -

Junior Boys

1924 Lettermen

1924 Thronateeska Page - Lettermen

(also women!)

AHS 1924 Football Team

Back Row: Frank Kirksey, Everett Edge, Eldridge Duncan, ? Crawford, Phil VonWelles, ? , Joe Johnson, Jos Gibson, George Royal, Bill Buntin, Hall, Moseley, Tom Mitchell, Dick Waugh, Roy Gunnels

2nd Row: Tom Malone, Paul Pate, Joe Freeman, Bud Johnson, George Royals, ? , Wilson Joiner, Peter Nix, Billy Rowsey

Front row: Turner Ball, ....Hill, Spike Adams, Tom Roberson, Sidney Cook, Fatty Bozeman, Mercer Sherman, Bill Davis, Hugh Mills (coach)


The new Albany High School opened in 1925 at 1000 N. Jefferson Street. The south end of the school was for boys and the north end was for girls!  There was no lunchroom.  Tommy Pattison ('54) submitted the following pictures.

Class of 1925

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Class of 1926

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1926 Baseball Team


Class of 1927

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Class of 1928

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