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           Memories of the 30's 

Class of 1930

LEFT TO RIGHT: H. M. Mills, Track Coach, Taught Bookkeeping, Typing, Add Machine. Sam Burke: Football Coach, History. Lucy Mae Bragg: Girls Basketball Coach, taught 2 Subjects. B. D. Lee, Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach, Taught Economics. FYI / Chet Green'33


Class of 1931

Harriet Ort Cornelius ('55) writes:  Look what I found!!!  I notice that there isn't anything for the Class of 1931.  NOW WE DO! 

Harry D. Ort, Class of 1931

Father of Harriet ('55) and Harry ('57) Ort

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   Graduation Program - front

Graduation Program - inside left

Graduation Program - inside right

Harry Ort's Memory Book (left large when expanded for best view)

  •   President of the Chi Omega Phi from 1928, 1929, 1930, and 1931
  •   Hi-Y 1930 - 1931 
  •    Astronomy Club 1929, 1930, and 1931
  •   Class Flower: Red Roses 
  •   Colors: Orange and Green
  •   Class Motto, "Keep Going"
  •   Yell: "To Hell with the Rest."

Class of 1933

Class of 1933 Gather For

50th Reunion!


Chester Green

Class Reunion Planners


Class of 1934

34football.gif (193604 bytes)


Class of 1935

1935 State Champs!

Coach B. D. Lee, Coach



Class of 1936



AHS Tumbling Team Patch awarded to Wren Harris, Sr.

The reverse shows the names of some of his team mates.



Class of 1937

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Adelyn Pate

Miss Albany 1937


Class of 1938

70th Class Reunion

On June 2, 1938, the (what was then) largest graduating class of Albany High School students received their diplomas. On that Thursday in which The Herald forecast thunderstorms, 135 teenagers 67 boys and 68 girls were granted the pass into adulthood with that precious piece of paper.

Seven decades later, 41 of those students remain. Nineteen members of that group, all 86-88 years old, recently paid homage to that turning point early their lives with a 70-year class reunion.

The two-day event included a Friday night party at the home of class member Anna Louise McCormack, followed by a luncheon at Doublegate Country Club the following afternoon.

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Class of 1939

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Submitted by his son, Jerry Shultz
Phoenix AZ



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