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           Memories of the 40's


Class of 1940

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Class of 1941

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Class of 1942

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Class of 1943

Of special interest to us was this 1943 Annual.  According to Marianne Smith Marbury, Mr. J.O. Allen did not allow a professionally published annual that year.  He thought it unpatriotic to spend money on an annual with our nation in the midst of WWII.  Marianne and  other classmates decided to make an annual from construction paper ... stick figures were drawn and the text was typed.  The annual listed only members of the senior class.

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1943 Graduates


Class of 1946

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Making of Hugh Mills Stadium

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Class of 1947

In Memoriam

December 1946

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Mary Anne Scherle, Ann Walker and Julia Ann Hall, Class of 1947

Members of the Tri-Hi-Y, a YMCA Youth Assembly organization that allowed students to experience first-hand the excitement and importance behind the legislative process and better understand the complexity of the lawmaking process in this state. And in 1946, for the first time, 40 Youth Assembly teenagers from around the state ... the select few, the best and the brightest ... were going to Atlanta, to the State House to meet the governor and participate in a mock legislative session.


Aloha Mallard Saye Artwork

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55th Reunion

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Class of 1949

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Graduation ~ Betty Hayman Bowen


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Jackie Holland Murphy


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Betty Dunn Logan and Joanne Fitzgerald



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