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Harry Helton


1952 60th Reunion Celebration - 2012  1952 60th Reunion Celebration - 2012


Friday Pool Party and Saturday Dinner-Dance

Photos by Luke Simmons


Plus ....

Class Picture

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Photos by

Don Fisher




Music by "Dr. Jock"

Price Coor, Class of 1967


Photos by

Tom ('56) and Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)

Planning Committee: Don Bravaldo, Reba Willis Stewart, Margaret Langford Rowe, Jesse Way, Mary Ann Blackshear Oakes, and B.B. Rhodes





Annelle Stem Griffin

Class of ‘52


Merry Acres Motel Albany Georgia

April 13-14 2012


I could not let this occasion go by without a “Nellie” rhyme!

Our 60th Class Reunion! Now that’s a very long time!


But here we all are – still alive & kicking!

We’re the ole farts now but regular or irregular our hearts are still ticking


The loss of our classmates - brings tears to our old eyes

Some have lost precious spouses too yet we realize…


How fortunate we are to be alive & almost well

Even though our economy is slowly going to Hell!


Most of us are Grandparents – some are even Great!

These kids call us some really crazy names – let me illustrate…


My 7 grands call me “Debbie” or “Deb” - And “Booga” was for Dick!

What complete joy they bring so we spoil ‘em rotten & seldom are we strict!


We’re so lucky we grew up in the Best of Places & the Best of Times

And we’ll carry these fond memories through the rest of our lifetimes


And thanks to BB & his Committee for all the work they’ve done

They’ve made this reunion memorable & a helluva lot of fun!


And kudos to Beverly Smith Herrington - for keeping us all in touch

For the website Albany High School Times – we all thank you so very much!



 by D Wayne Martin

January 19 2012

Quietly and without Fanfare

Our Hearts and Emotions Whispered to Each Other…

“Has It Been That Long---Sixty Years---Since we graduated from high school?”

But our Minds and Memory Say  ‘Go Figure!’…

It Was June 2 1952 that we received our Diploma from Albany High School…

And that’s about as close to Sixty Years as some of us want to be 


It’s been Sixty Years

Since We Marched down the hill to the Tune of Pomp and Circumstance

And  Received our High School Diploma from Albany Hi

For some of us…

It was the fulfillment of a childhood dream if not our dream that of our parents…

For others…

It was the first stride in intellectual triumph…many other triumphant marches would follow…

Maybe collegeperhaps graduate school…with Scholarships and Fellowships…

There were those…

Who sought military careers…in the Army Navy Air Force…not to ignore the Marines…

There was the Korean Conflict…Remember?

Those who were not in the draft or who envisioned little fulfillment in the armed services

Found accomplishment in jobs and employment and vocations in chosen endeavors

And not to be forgotten…

Those ‘love birds’---always together---in the hallways…the class rooms…

The cafeteria and school gatherings…

As quickly as the ink had dried in McNabb’s signature…

They tied the knot to nest forever in blissful delight

And it was then…

With a High School Diploma in hand we left that stage that night—feeling like adults

…So wise in the things of the world but…

Some of us were surprised to learn…what had been known in secret…

Several classmates were already married…and now they felt free to live openly their life of bliss  


Sixty Years!!!!

Many due to no fault of their own have succumbed to the wear and tear of this 60 Years Journey

They lived the time that was theirs completing as best they could the assignment life gave them

And there remain…Six Decades later…those of us…who SIMPLY by God’s unexplainable Graces…

Have survived ripping heartaches…crushing failures…life threatening illness…and personal tragedies

To come to this time of unique celebration


Let us therefore be Grateful for those

Who laughed with us when we were young and frivolous…

Who walked with us at certain points when our hearts were filled with awkwardness…

Who encouraged us when life and living were especially hard…

Who befriended us when we felt ignored and alone…

Who continued to love us when the times and the years left their scars on us

And let us be Thankful to the Almighty

For the great memories that still inspire us…for the experiences which continue to teach us…

And for those who bless us…even now…with their warm friendship!



James (Jim) Barber

Charlene Barfield

Sidney Barrett

Alan Bonser

Ann Cheatham

Mary Alice Cheatham

Rex Council

Cleve Clark

Dolly Ann Dupont

Curtis Floyd

Lena Ford

David Garrison


Marion Hancock

Kathleen Ann Harwell

Bill Hewitt

Eugene Holt

Ilona Hull

Elliot Jenkins

Patty Jones

Lillian Lackland

Elva Lewis

Howard Lilliston

Gloria Tolbert

Carlton Mulford


Arlene Rifkin

Peggy Rouse

Bobby Russ

Don Sheppard

Evelyn Simmons

Bobby Sperry

Oscar Stephens

Harry Tallman

Martha Ann Thomas

Lee Trippe

Margie Webb

Price Lee Westbrook

Motie Wiggins


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