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Class of 1953 - 55th Reunion

May 30-31, 2008

Class Picture

The classmates of the 1953 Albany High School graduating class celebrated our 55th  reunion on May 29th and 30th of 2008 at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds in Albany .  We had 29 class members, 19 family members, and several people from other classes.  After a time of meet, greet, and eat, each shared what we had been doing in the last 55 years since graduating. Everyone had interesting stories to tell about their lives, families, and accomplishments. Some had traveled the world over, while others had settled down in Albany after high school or college.


On Saturday night, we took up where we had left off on Friday night with the visiting and enjoying our time together, talking about our experiences when we were in high school, and things we have done since graduating. 


The classmates and spouses were: Jon and Marie Mogford (52) Anderson; Ruth Austin and Billy (50) Swaim; Bennie Bailey; Mary Myrtle Britton Brown; George and Gwen Carter; Shirley Carter Williams; Harold Dean and Carolyn Payne Cook; Alma (Teddie) Ellis and Donald Lee; Robert and Pat Gotsch; Rachel Greer Norras; Hazel Hall and Bill Burger; Martha Jenkins Lofton; Helene Lee; Tommy and Linda Plummer (56) Mansfield; Wilburn and Martha LeSueur (56) Nicholson; David and Lois Huff (60) Orgel; Helen Paulsen and Ernie Arndt;  Claire Randall and Kenneth Rice; Shirley Rouse and Russell (48) Cates; Dorothy Statham and Aubrey (52) McClain; Clyatt Strickland; Louis and Iris Hubble (57) Tedders; Frankie Tennille Thornton; Otis Terry; Nancy Traylor and Ben Parker; Betty Jane Weaver Huffiness; Ann Wells and Jim Straight; and George and Lisa West.


Visiting with us from other classes were Brinson and Gail (Barlow) Phillips, B. B. and Elsie Rhodes, Tommy and Betty (Holt) Pattison, and others.    

The group decided to donate the remaining $500 in the treasury to the American Cancer Society in memory of a number of classmates who have succumbed to the disease.


We plan to have another reunion, probably in two or three years.  See you then.


Reunion Committee

Teddie Ellis Lee; Harold Deen and Carolyn Payne Cook; Helene Lee; Hazel Hall Burger; Shirley Rouse Cook; Martha Jenkins Lofton; Claire Randall; Rachel Greer Norras.

Class Contact: Alma (Teddie) Ellis Lee
Almost Ready For the Big Night!
Martha Jenkins Lofton; Hazel Hall Burger; Shirley Rouse Cates; Rachel Greer Norris;
Alma (Teddie) Ellis Lee and Ann Wells Straight

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Friday Night - Fairgrounds

Hazel Hall, Shirley Rouse, Martha Jenkins, and Claire Randall

Saturday Night - Fairgrounds

Frankie Tennille Thornton


Tommy and Linda Plummer Mansfield

Martha Jenkins Lofton; Harold Deen and Carolyn Payne Cook

Shirley Rouse Cates and Russell Cates

Bob Gotsch, Martha Jenkins Lofton and Harold Deen Cook



Check It Out!!!

1953 55th Reunion PHOTO ALBUM

by Ruth Austin Swaim

(click here)http://picasaweb.google.com/swaimruth/ClassOf195355thHighSchoolReunion?authkey=-mh8J9IGWDQ



Class of 1953

celebrates their 50th at Merry Acres!

Friday, June 13, 2003

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1953.h1.jpg (30075 bytes)

1953.h2.jpg (31747 bytes)

1953.h3.jpg (25316 bytes)

Sign in table with Martha Jenkins, Shirley Rouse, Carolyn Payne and Tony Cushenberry  Roy Blanton, Warren and Myra (57) Clark Johnson. Wilbur Nicholson in background) Don Knight and Ernie (55) Frazier

1953.h4.jpg (27347 bytes)

1953.h5.jpg (23165 bytes)

1953.h6.jpg (28455 bytes)

Waddell Hagens, Richard (54) Harper, x and Cleone Morton Jon Anderson, x, x, & x Louis "Buddy" and Iris Hubble Tedders & x

1953.h7.jpg (26159 bytes)

1953.h8.jpg (24535 bytes)

1953.h9.jpg (24517 bytes)

x Aubry (52) and Dorothy Statham McClain & x Milton Norras & Fiance, Billy Swaim, x, x, and David Orgel x, & Martha Daniel

1953.h10.jpg (30136 bytes)

1953.h11.jpg (23081 bytes)

1953.h12.jpg (26166 bytes)

Tony Cushenberry  and wife, Harold Dean and wife Cook Goo Goo and x Heidt and Tony Cushenberry Warren and Myra (57) Clark Johnson, Harold Dean Cook and Goo Goo Heidt

1953.h13.jpg (30665 bytes)

1953.h14.jpg (26884 bytes)

1953.h15.jpg (21321 bytes)

Wilburn & Martha Le Sueur (56)  Nicholson x, Carolyn Williams & Husband Robert Gotsch

1953.h16.jpg (23879 bytes)

1953.h17.jpg (29116 bytes)

1953.h18.jpg (20985 bytes)

x, x, Martha Daniel, x and Jeannine McEachin x, Carol Anne McWilliams, and x George Carter, x and Hazel Hall
1953.h19.jpg (21827 bytes)

1953.h21.jpg (31157 bytes)

1953.h22.jpg (30194 bytes)

Charles & x Bryant and Phyllis Lee Shirley Rouse and x Betty Frazier, Ernie (55) Frazier, Beverly (55) Smith and Tommy (54) Pattison
1953.h23.jpg (23026 bytes) 1953.h24.jpg (28623 bytes) 1953.h25.jpg (19890 bytes)
Don Knight and Marion (56) Hay Richard (54) Harper, Helene Lee and Juliette Wight Elsie and B.B. (52) Rhodes [pondering how this stacks up with ours last year?]
1953.h26.jpg (21334 bytes) 1953.h27.jpg (28731 bytes) 1953.h28.jpg (25559 bytes)
Dan Stevens and Martha Jenkins x, Carol Anne McWilliams, Eva Williams and Claire Randall Shirley Rouse, David (52) and Nancy (57) Castleberry Garrison
1953.h29.jpg (28031 bytes) 1953.h30.jpg (22277 bytes) 1953.h31.jpg (24622 bytes)
Harold Dean Gook, Warren Johnson, Marion (56) Hay, Goo Goo Heidt and David Orgle Dick James and Dan Wray Mary Myrtle Britton, Roy Blanton and Robert Gotsch
1953.h32.jpg (27107 bytes) 1953.h33.jpg (23075 bytes) 1953.h35.jpg (28755 bytes)
Richard (54) Harper with plea to save Radium Springs Fred Henderson and Martha Jenkins Tommy (54) Pattison, Rachel Greer and W. L. Lumpkin & Wife
1953.h36.jpg (22744 bytes) 1953.h37.jpg (22230 bytes) 1953.h38.jpg (27930 bytes)
Hazel Hall and Russell Cates x x and Bobbie Jean Hopper
1953.h39.jpg (27550 bytes) 1953.h40.jpg (18229 bytes) 1953.h41.jpg (26616 bytes)
x and Bubba Pippin waving to the camera! Bubba and Barbara (57) Bennett Pippin Robert Gotsch, Claire Randall and x

1953.h42.jpg (20285 bytes)


Otis Terry, now deceased


Submitted by Beverly Smith (Zacharias) Herrington