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April 24th & 25th 2009

Photos by Tommy Pattison

Richard Harper, Peggy Jo Irwin Davis, Walter Strom, and Tommy Greenstone

Marion Underwood Gandy, Martha Crawford Shadrick, and David Cravey

Delores Ann Taylor Yancey and David Cravey

Frieda Howard Randles

Linda Plummer Mansfield ('56), Pat Williams (Mac Williams' wife) and Betty Holt Pattison ('56)

Roger Dickinson talking to Glenn Chapman - in the background David Cravey, Irwin Strickland (yellow shirt), Bunky Salyer

Brinson Phillips talking to unknown visitor, Gail Barlow Phillips and Alma Southwell Shiver

Ray Boynton, Peggy Jo Irwin Davis, and Irwin Strickland

Linda Cartee Chapman, Penny McDaniel Douthit, Betty Holt Pattison, and Jane Green Crates ... all 1956

Lavon Payton ('57) and Shelby Youngblood ('55) Olempieri


Visitor (?), Toby Turner Medlin, Russell Medlin, and James Hughes (Jo Wright's husband)

Jerry Clark and Mac Williams

Jo Wright Hughes, Lee and Ruth Ann Payton, and Parmelee Ward

Proctor Johnston

Peggy Houston and her husband, Lonnie Henderson

Bunky Salyer and wife (can't make out name)

 Bruce Gunnels ('50), Ray Boynton, and Tom Shadrick

Joanne Cannon Kincaid

Harold Johnson and wife, Nita

Joanne Hall McKemie talking with Ralph Bruner, Nan Crews stanfield and Margaret Bruner (unknown husband in background)

Richard "Gooch" Harper, Taylor and Joy Harrison


Up close Beverly Hayman Barber, Laverne Gay Croft, Earnest Frazier, and Mac McKemie

Georgia Wolfe Burns, Jackie Walton Kennington, Jackie Geiger Wood and husband Denson Wood

Charlie Foster and Earnest Frazier both 1955

(Frick and Frack)


Lavon Payton ('57), Ruth Ann and Lee Payton, and Jo (Wright) and James Hughes

Proctor Johnston, Dooley Culbertson, David Cravey, and Jerry Clark

Peggy Higginbotham Thompson and Lois Crews Westbrook ('55)

Jon Crawford

Peggy Houston and husband Lonnie Henderson and Robert English and wife, Doris Staton ('56)

Jo Wright and husband, James Hughes

James Youngblood and sister, Shelby Youngblood ('55) Olempieri

Beverly Hayman Barber

Jackie (Walton) and Warnie Kennington

Peggy Higginbotham Thompson and husband (?)

Joanne Culbreth Wright and brother

Hazel Britton Newman

Georgia Wolfe Burns ... Richard Harper and Joanne Hall McKemie in back

Betty Gissendaner (Billy's wife), Jane Green Crates ('56), and Peggy Jo Irwin Davis


Delores Ann Taylor Yancey, Marion Gandy, and Mac McKemie ('52)

Doris Staton English, Betty Holt Pattison, Linda Cartee Chapman, Linda Plummer Mansfield, and Penny McDaniel Douthit (all 1956)

Gail Barlow Phillips, Pam Tyler Johnston ('55), and Katie Sue Jordan Gunnels

Joanne Hall McKemie, Katie Sue Jordan Gunnels, and Jon Crawford


Glenn Chapman, Billy Gissendaner, & Lee Payton


Robert English, Billy Gissendaner, Lavon Payton ('57), Glenn Chapman, and Russell Medlin  

B.B. Rhodes ('52) and Troy Strickland

Elsie and B.B. Rhodes ('52)

Photos by Tommy Greenstone

Ponny Manuel ('56) and Edwina Ward 

Gooch Harper and Taylor and Joy Harrison 

Jon Crawford 

Troy Strickland and wife, Susan


Parmelee and Edwina Ward


Hugh Giles and Ernie Frazier (both '55) 

Ponny Manuel ('56) and Edwina Ward 

Parmalee and Edwina Ward 


Glenn Chapman and wife, Linda Cartee ('56) 

Parmelee and Edwina Ward 

Photos by Peggy Jo Irwin Davis

I am forwarding the pictures Jack took before his battery died last weekend.  If you attended, you know what a great time we had.  Applause, applause to the committee.  Russell Medlin's daughter was the lead singer in her band & we can promise you they were EXCELLENT!!!!!!  To those of you not attending, we missed you!  Thought you might like a few snapshots of the reunion.  Can you imagine my better half only photographing the back of my head.  Wait until his reunion next year and I'll make sure that's all I shoot of him.  Ha!  Come to think of it, guess he didn't want to break the camera.  To those of you in the Atlanta/Athens area, we need to visit! 

Warm Regards, Peggy & Jack Davis


Taylor Harrison                                             Brinson Phillips
E-mail:  taylorandjoy@mchsi.com
                E-mail:   w4sbp@windstream.net


Class of 1954 at their 50th!

'54_-_81.jpg (66462 bytes)

Official Class Photograph

1st Row:  Betty Bryan, Beverly Hayman, Hazel Britton, Joanne Hall, Patsy Lee, Jerry Clark, Delores Ann Taylor, Billy Baumgartel, Liebe Briggs, Marion Underwood, and Dooley Culbertson

2nd Row:  Eva Gregorie, Jackie Walton, Frieda Howard, Joanne Culbreth, Mimi Holzendorf, Janice Bass, David Cravey, Harold Johnson, Jackie Geiger, Carenne Hatcher, Alma Southwell, Gail Barlow, Jeannene Horne, and Sister Farkas

3rd Row:  Huey Davis, Joanne Cannon, Martha Crawford, Katie Sue Jordan, Lee Payton, Sybil Jones, Laverne Gay, Georgia Neal Wolfe, Joye Thomas, Jo Wright, Jeannene Hayes, Ruth Sawyer, Joyce Skandamis, Evelyn Vickers, Shirley Barton, Winston Owens, and Glenn Chapman

4th Row:  Jon Crawford, Hugh Belcher, Troy Strickland, Taylor Harrison, Proctor Johnston, Jimmy Mallard, Billy Alligood, Betty Jean Hayes, Peggy Jo Irwin, Adair Mellichamp, Brinson Phillips, Buzzy Lamb, Charles Johnson, Margaret Stone, and Ralph Bruner

5th Row:  James Youngblood, Mac Williams, Oran Broome, Roger Dickinson, Billy Gissendaner, Russell Medlin, Clarke Douthit, Robert English, Tommy Pattison, Joe Butler, Mary Haire, Jack Seagle, Walter Strom, Ray Boynton, Richard Harper, and Robert Bruner

Class of 1954 at their 40th!

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544othcompact.jpg (21587 bytes)

 The above shot is compact shot of class and area

5445thlarge.jpg (307614 bytes)

The above shot is larger for better view of classmates and will require scrolling


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