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Our 70th Birthday Party!

Was A Big Success on May 3, 2014


If you haven’t been to a reunion or a birthday party, you have missed great opportunities to forge new friendships or see old friends.  Come join us when we have our next gathering!

Below are two great description pieces about your Birthday Party from two of your classmates, ALSO great pictures, and a list of attendees ... so keep scrolling!


Our 70th Birthday Party!

Submitted by Joann Roark Arneson


Steve Heidt described our celebration of our 70th Birthday as a “fun day” and that it was.   We met at Paul and Debbie Wallace’s home on Saturday, May 3, 2014


It all started when we gathered at 11:00 AM to set up tables and a few chairs, put a few flowers on the tables and watch Lynn Mertins pull platter after platter of food out of her truck!


People started arriving at 1:00 as suggested and just kept coming.  It was a delight to see Nancy Tomes Michaelis arrive from Big Spring, TX, via her daughter’s in Destin.  Wanda Noland and Jim came from Baton Rouge, LA.  We were happy to welcome Shelley McGee Hoffman and Lloyd (they are currently in Perry, GA, but often in Colorado). Paul (Pete) Jones and Margaret (in a leg cast) came from Norton, OH.  We had several from Tennessee, Florida, and a few other states.  Jimmy and Hope Tumlin were lost, but, found us and came from Tucker, GA, to reconnect. 


In the past few reunions and parties we have become friends again and everyone is catching up on travels and grandchildren.


Carey Webb, you were missed.  Patti Bedenbaugh Howze and Jay Pryor, we missed you, aren’t grandchildren wonderful!  There were others who were missed.  Larry Almand spoke for all of us in saying, "What a wonderful group we have become and how blessed we are with our continuing friendship."


Paul read an anonymous letter from an apparent classmate who did not attend. It outlined some important things we have seen in our lives and congratulated the class on its spirit and unity. The letter is to be emailed to all of us from Charles Gillespie.


We had two faculty members join us; Coach Graham and Betty Lowe and Martha Dye.  They have long memories, shared some surprising anecdotes and enjoyed visiting with everyone. 


We welcomed Johnny Knighton back after a couple of months of incredibly awful surgeries and recovery woes. He vows he'll be around for our 90th party; we certainly wish that for Johnny and all of us! (Get this image – Paul Wallace at 90????)


One of the best things about the 70th birthday party is that none of us looked 70. It's for sure no one felt 70! The tales we told on ourselves and each other were positively enlightening and entertaining, to say nothing of exaggerated and embellished.


If you missed the party, you missed a very special occasion. If it's humanly possible – don't miss the next gathering. Blessings and peace to all!

~ Joann Roark Arneson and Kay Smith Pedrotti, Class of 1962

More thoughts ...

from the Class of ’62 70th Birthday Party

 by Eleanor Simpson Banks, Class of  1962

As I sat watching my classmates as they greeted each other after a few years apart, I was warmed by how close we had become in these last few gatherings.  We had 94 attending with at least 60 being classmates.

Everyone was encouraged to bring their camera and take lots of pictures.  We did not plan a group picture; it is so hard to recognize anyone beyond the front row!  It seems everyone did bring their cameras and many many pictures were taken, as classmates, we like to remember our wonderful times together.

From one gathering to another, it grieves us to see how many of our classmates have passed away.  This makes all of our gatherings so much more important.  We are so blessed with the caring attitude we share with each other.

If you haven’t been to a reunion or a birthday party, you have missed great opportunities to forge new friendships or see old friends.  Come join us when we have our next gathering.


Pictures submitted by Pete Jones


Tom King, John and Gail Wolfe, Virginia Johnson

Paul Lockard, Ladd King, Carlos Phillips, Carol Mauldin Rathel, Joann Roark Arneson

Ray Usrey, Coach and Betty Lowe, Paul Lockard - at Radium overlook. They discovered the spring was closed due to flooding

Bobby Briggs, Tommy Parrish, Ben Johnson

Gerry Hall, John and Gail Wolfe

Helen Kinney, Sara Pattison Dunn, Sue Glenn Peterson

Chet Banks, Buddy and Carol Revell Wildes, Jim Folmar

Marvin Allen, Wanda Noland and Jim Bodine, Debbie Wallace (our hostess)

Carol Mauldin Rathel, Nancy Tomes Michaelis, Jimmy and Hope Tumlin, Martha Sadler Manoll, Jonnie Holley Douglas

Paul Wallace (our host), Martha Sadler, Carol Mauldin Rathel, Nancy Tomes Michaelis

Bill Stark, Ellen Schramm Folmar, Patricia Fowler Brooks, Eleanor Simpson Banks, Carol Pate Stark

Sandy and Larry Almand

Robbie Willis and Buzz Horne with Tommy and Helen Kinney. With a view of the Wallace's beautiful home behind them.



Pictures submitted by Joann Roark Arneson


Claire and Marvin Allen with Kay Smith Pedrotti

Sheila Phillips at the registration table

Carlos Phillips with Carol Mauldin Rathel

Yvonne D'Abert Bachmann greeting Bobby Briggs, Ben Johnson and Lucy Nolan

Lloyd and Shelley McGee Hoffman

Greeting newcomers

Joann Roark Arneson greets Jan Jarrett Smith and Yvonne D'Abert Bachmann

Sara Dunn Pattison greets Gerry Hall

Coach Lowe confers with Rodger Beaver and Harold Rigsby

Coach Lowe, Jim Folmar, Margaret Jones, Sandra Heidt, Shelley McGee and Lloyd Hoffman

Carolyn Reeves Walters, Evelyn Reeves Reynolds, Mary Faber, Martha Dye (behind balloon) Suzanne and Tommy Parrish, Ed Faber


Curtis Driver, Lucy Cook Tracey


Becky and Bill Brown with Judy Burgess Byrd


Ray Usrey with Carlos Phillips

Dale Swilley Cox


Paul (Pete) Jones with Joann Roark Arneson

Diane Fowler, Ray Usrey, Sue Glenn Peterson, Cecil Fowler

Kay Smith Pedrotti, Trisha Fowler Brooks, Jonnie Holley Douglas, Judy Burgess Byrd, (sitting) Martha Sadler Manoll, Robbie Willis Horne. In the background Gerry Hall, Ladd King, Ken Jones

Sara Pattison Dunn, Barby Westberry Bynum greeting Yvonne D'Aubert Bachmann, Gladys Duke McDonald

Chet and Eleanor Simpson Banks with Carol Pate Stark

Virginia Johnson and Betty Glenn Driver

Johnny Knighton

Yvonne D'Aubert Bachmann, Jan Jarrett Smith, Ben Johnson, Lucy Nolan, Fredda Briggs

Jimmy and Hope Tumlin


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please email Beverly Smith Herrington at albanyhightimes@aol.com


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AHS Class of 1962 70th Birthday Party Attendees


Marvin Allen and Claire

Larry Almand and Sandy

Rodger Beaver

Jay Beck and Martha Hall

Bobby Briggs and Fredda

Patricia Fowler Brooks

Bill Brown and Becky

Judy Burgess Byrd

Kathy Carow Thomas

Lucy Cook Tracy

Yvonne D’Aubert Bachmann

Stan Driver and Sandy

Gladys Duke McDonald

Martha Dye (guest)

Ed Faber and Mary

Cecil Fowler and Diane

Charles Gillespie and Marilyn

Betty Glenn Driver and Curtis

Sue Glenn Peterson

Gerry Hall

Steve Height and Sandra

Jonnie Holley Douglas and Al

Jan Jarrett Smith

Ben Johnson and Lucy Nolan

Virginia Johnson

Ken Jones

Paul (Pete) Jones and Margaret

Pam Jordan Newton and Ron

Ladd King and Madge

Tom King and Alva Rogers

Tommy Kinney and Helen

Johnny Knighton

Phillip Littlejohn and Louisa

Paul Lockard

Coach Graham Lowe and Betty (guest)

Carol Mauldin Rathel

Shelley McGhee Hoffman and Lloyd

Wanda Noland and husband Jim Bodine

Tommy Parrish and Suzanne

Carol Pate Stark and Bill

Sara Pattison Dunn

Carlos Phillips and Sheila

Carolyn Reeves Walters

Evelyn Reeves Reynolds

Harold Rigsby

Joann Roark Arneson

Martha Sadler Manoll and Roy

Earl Sauls and Tappie Hambrick Sauls

Ellen Schramm Folmar and Jim

Eleanor Simpson Banks and Chet

Kay Smith Pedrotti

Dale Swilley Cox

Nancy Tomes Michaelis

Jimmy Tumlin and Hope

Ray Usrey 

Paul Wallace and Deborah 

Barbie Westberry Bynum and brother Hugh

Buddy Wildes and Carol Revell Wildes

Robbie Willis Horne and Buzzy

John Wolfe and Gail







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Jeanie was a 1962 Albany High School Graduate.  Her talent in the Miss Georgia pageant was a jazz dance, but she was also an accomplished pianist.



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