We have wondered how we could expand our website to include later years ... and into our lives came Lakea Chatmon, who wrote:

Greetings Fellow Indian,

I ran across the website tonight and I had to let you know that as a younger graduate of AHS (Class of 2006), I really appreciate what you all are doing. It's very special that you have kept in touch using this website that I found very interesting. I just had to let you know! May your blood always run orange and green!

Lakea Chatmon C/O 2006

P.S.- I thought that I would send a couple of recent pictures of AHS students.


Welcome Class of 2006!!!   Welcome Class of 2006!!!   Welcome Class of 2006!!!   Welcome Class of 2006!!!

(Click to enlarge photos)

2006 Yearbook Picture- Senior Class members- Phylicia Thompson, Steven Reynolds, Harry Patel, Marcus Frazier, and Rachel Waits 2004 Football Team, Coaches and Cheerleaders 2002-2003 Marchin' Chiefs- After a competition in Sylvester, GA in which they received superior ratings and best in class and 2nd overall  
  Senior students at 2006 Homecoming Pep Rally Senior Homecoming Representatives - Lakea Chatmon, Joy Fulton, and Amori Williams Marchin' Chiefs at 2006 Homecoming Pep Rally




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