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1952 - 55th Reunion ~ 2007

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Special thanks to Luke Simmons for contacting the Albany Herald, who  published the above picture and were kind enough to email it to him!

Memories ... From 55th Reunion ...

B.B. Rhodes ~ 38 members of the class of 1952 attended the 55th reunion. We met at Merry Acres on Friday evening for a social gathering to welcome everyone. Saturday morning was on their own to tour downtown, and to visit the River Aquarium and I-Max theater. For lunch they inhaled 60 - that's right 60 Jimmy's Hotdogs. We met at 5:00 for socializing at the old train station. White's Seafood catered the dinner. A memorial was given by Harry Helton, for those that are no longer with us. Dancing until 10:00 O'clock - all over 70 years old had to be in bed by 10 - that included everyone.

Attending the 55th was Don Bravaldo, Harry Helton, Bubba Pippin. Dannetter Wingate, May Muse Nettawyl Oliver, Annelle Stem, Luke Simmons, Frank Winderweedle, Rosemary Rhyne, George Peach, Margie Webb, Jesse Way Charlie Hardin, Howard Bedenbaugh, Tom Shadrick, Aubrey McClain, Rex Council, Jeanne Baumgartel, Ed McCurdy, Burie McCurdy, B.B Rhodes, Eddie Appling, Joel Hammond, Mary Alice Ramsey, JoAnne Johnston, Cecil (Hambone) Hamilton, Anne Rouse, Mack McKemie, Mizelle Pritchard, Warner Houston, Wisteria Simmons, Judy Lee, Marie Mogford, Mary Ann Blackshear, Reba Willis, Jannie Sheffield, Lillian Lackland ( Total with spouses - 63). 

A good time was had by all and we are looking forward to 2012 our 60th!

Hambone Hamilton ~ The 1952 class reunion -just completed - was a great success.  B.B. and his support team did a wonderful job.  We have not seen rain in so long and needed it so badly that when we were leaving Merry Acres Fri. evening the bottom fell out and we all enjoyed getting soaked!  ~ Hambone

Harry Helton ~ Our AHS class of 52 reunion was very nice.  The planning left a lot of time for us to just sit around and talk.  If we did not have to go to bed or back home we would still be there talking.  Hambone and I did not get all of our talking done, but I am in hopes that he will be coming by here on his way to see his son in VA.  We can pick up where we left off.  BB did a great job along with the committee putting everything together.  I have gone to Barnes and Noble to order my 2012 calendar to write in the date for the 60th reunion.  You may have read in BB's comments that I did the memorial for the classmates who have gone on to their glory.  It was short and to the point.  I read off the list and many stated that as I read the names they could picture each person and had some positive thoughts about each one. 

It was funny, when someone would get a few people together for a picture, others with a camera would come running over to get that picture.  It took forever to get the group picture as there was so many cameras.  It rained just enough to cool it down so we could be out side to dance without getting so hot.  It was hot! during the day.  The ole home town has really changed.

~ 1952 - 50th Reunion ~

June 7 - 8 2002


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Picture taken June 8th in front of Old AHS!


Gathering at Merry Acres 

Submitted by Tommy Tarpley 

Submitted by Beverly Smith (Zacharias) Herrington 


Tour of AHS: June 8th 

Submitted by Tommy Tarpley

Also from 50th Reunion ...


David McIntyre (1952):  Ann and Don Shepherd were both in my class of 52. Don and I were pretty close that year, physically that is, for you see Don was Center and I was QB on the football team in the fall of '51 when we were 9-2. It really was a great reunion BB and his team put together. Dan was class of '57 and has made more of my reunions than I have. It was good to meet you and we missed you at the dinner-dance.


Marion Underwood Gandy (1954):  I really enjoyed reading about the reunion.  I'm really sorry I missed it. Honestly, I didn't know about it.  Maybe when the news came out was about the time I was beginning to have difficulty with my computer, so I didn't receive it. (The computer finally crashed, went back to Compaq and is like new now - literally, everything was wiped out).  I was with the Magnolias that weekend, and they all knew about the reunion, so it was just me that was in the dark.  I know it was fun to see all those "old" people. :o) Thanks for keeping us informed.  


Herbert Paulk (1952): I had a great time Friday and Saturday. Just seeing old friends was wonderful. Did not realize that we had gotten to such a young old age. I had not seen Barbara Lipsey since graduation but she looked just great!  Finally had time to spend with Curtis Floyd as I had been hunting him for over 40 years and was so glad he came. Hope to spend some more time with him now that I know where he lives.  I was surprised that so many classmates knew me. I related to my wife that I could not rob banks, too easily identified.  If you missed this, you missed a wonderful opportunity to re-know your classmates. After all, most of us went from the 3rd grade thru graduation together. I have been remiss in not attending the other classes reunions but will from now on. Just hope I can find out when and where. If anyone knows in advance, please email me at paulkj@perry.gulfnet.com. Thanks Bev for having this site. 


Beverly Smith Zacharias (1955): I guess if steep hills to a young girl can turn into slopes in her more mature years, 7' giants can turn into regular guys at class reunions!!!  Bob Gotsch said the same thing happened to him when he saw Joe Wallis at another reunion.  Well I, too, saw Joe Wallis at the 1952 Fiftieth Reunion, as well as Hambone Hamilton, Tony Cushenberry, Howard Bedenbaugh, Harry Helton, Cleve and Jerry Clark - all of whom were at least 7 feet tall when I bashfully looked up to them as a lowly Freshman - and I discovered at the Friday Reunion function that they really had not shrunk in stature - I just had grown up, matured, gotten old ... or something!!!  (Note: brother Jackie Clark was tall too, but he doesn’t count since he was a freshman with me, as well as my poker buddy!).  Funny how things change ... in many ways!


It was indeed an evening for memories.  Tommy Pattison and Janice Hayes McClendon had met me at the motel where I was staying and together we walked into a room full of people who, like us, were trying to put “new faces” with pictures of the 1952 seniors.  A few were immediately recognizable, but for fear of being on a hit list, I refuse to name them (but email me and we can chat!!!).

I made a goof right off the bat!  Standing at the sign-in table, I saw classmate Charlie Foster come in … a woman right in front of him.  Briefly thinking the woman belonged to Charlie, I went up and hugged and greeted her, then turned to Charlie to do the same.  It was only a couple of embarrassed moments before I realized she was NOT Charlie’s lovely!  That lady kept looking at me all night wondering who the heck had hugged her with such enthusiasm when she came in (just a frivolous blonde!!).

On entering the Merry Acres banquet room, the buzz I heard immediately was … “is Barbara Lipsey here yet?”  The 50th Class Reunion was to be Barbara’s first … and remembering how “popular” Barbara was, it was not surprising that folks were looking forward to seeing her again.  And when she appeared, you had to wonder … her 50th class reunion? … she hardly looks 50 NOW!!!  I took a picture of Barbara and Tony Cushenberry sitting at the table, deep in chitchat … both looking hardly a day removed from their high school days!


We had several from the Class of 1955 and it was great to visit with them … Janice Hayes McClendon, Dottie Reeves Crosson (with husband Pee Wee), Jackie Clark, Wayne Kennedy, Charlie Foster, Ernest Frazier, Kenneth Barr, and John Chambliss (who had been on our “lost list” for some time – but we’ve found him now!).  Sylvia Lewis Knight and Bobby Wingate (who is now a dashing adult – but I must confess, I did not recognize him), Brinson Phillips, Gale Barlow Belcher, Jerry Clark, David and Don McIntyre, Otis Terry, Ponny Manuel (who attends every function offered – and we love it!) and the aforementioned Tony and Joe, were a few of those attending from other classes.

B.B. Rhodes (I understand why Thelma loved him so much) did a great job in hosting the Friday Function.  And I am so glad he and his class made the effort to include other classes!  Just wish I could have gotten in on the shaggin’ on Saturday night!


Sylvia Lewis Knight (1956): I really had a good time Fri. and Sat. nights.  Danced my feet off with Dan McIntire, Ponny and Bobby, and Bobby does not even like to dance.  I got him up anyway! 


Tommy Pattison (1954): Although I was only there for about an hour the first night, I saw quite a few friends.  Some I have known since early childhood days. It was so good seeing Barbara Lipsey England again after about 30 years.  She and I worked together at First State Bank and Trust in the early 60's.  In fact, she was my immediate boss (and a good one too).  She looks the same - GREAT!!!!

It was also good seeing Solon Skandamis after so many years.  I recognized him also pretty quick but the gray hair almost stumped me.  Solon joined the Navy after high school and after our graduation in 1954, Bobby Pitts and I joined the Navy.  I eventually was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan in 1956 and was out one night with my buddies in a bar when all of a sudden a bunch of swabbies came in and there was Solon.  Man, it was great seeing someone from home after so long a time.


There were a lot more:  Jean Baumgartel, Harry Helton, Ann Railey, Catherine Holt, Howard Bedenbaugh, Mary Anne Blackshear, Lorene Cooper, Betty Ellis, Joel Hammond, Annelle Stem, Nan Mercer....I could go on naming names but won't.   They all looked great.   I missed some by leaving early but will catch them at another time.


It was good seeing other classes present.  After 50 years --- just being together as friends is what it is all about.


Barbara Lipsey (1952):  Got home tonight and it actually was a bit of a let down.  I am dead tired but it's a good tired.  I had such a wonderful time seeing everyone and laughed until my sides still hurt.  I wish I could have stayed longer and visited so many people I didn't see Friday night.  I really didn't get to visit even Friday night very much with you or some others I would have liked to see more but maybe we can get together before another 50 years go by, I HOPE SO ANYWAY.  


B. B. Rhodes (1952): We enjoyed having you at our 50th reunion, and thanks for helping us celebrate.  We had a great turnout Saturday night, the band was great and most of us turned into pumpkins after midnight. Thanks again for attending our celebration, B.B.


Janice Hayes McClendon (1955): I had a really good time last night!  Not as many people there last night which was surprising to me but the Exchange Club building very nice and the food excellent!!  Jean Owens catered it. The band was very good, not sure of their name but Nell Berry or Beary or Peak (I remember her as a Peak)  son, Mark, is in the band.  They played "oldies but goodies" of course!  I certainly didn't know Dan McIntyre could dance soooo well but he can truly "shake a leg"!!!!  I sat with Sylvia and Bobby and Ponny some after dinner and danced some ... enough to have cramps in my feet ALL night!!!  Haven't danced in heels in years!  Everybody seemed to be having a great time .... Barbara Lipsey, Tommy Tarpley, Tony Cushenberry, Jean Baumgartel, Lillian and her husband, Carlyle, David and Nancy Garrison  Both McIntyre's love to dance it seemed!  Would you believe the band stopped playing at 11 PM!!  Truly shows our age ... HA!  Hope this gives you a bit of a view of Saturday night ...


From Annelle Stem Griffin ...

50th and 40th Reunion Memory Poems by Annelle Stem

50th Reunion
June 7 & 8, 2002


So as not to confuse you, I need to explain, 
That - in order to amuse you and entertain -
The theme I've chosen, for the 50th Reunion Rhyme,
Is the Top Hits of the 50's! Music of our time!

So - DEAR HEARTS & GENTLEPEOPLE of the Class of 52.
Let's take a walk down memory lane & the songs that we once knew.
I've heard it said the Past is just a memory away.
But now we can't remember, just what we did today!

We lived life like a song. Lyrics were so sweet.
Growing up on the SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET.
THAT OLD GANG OF MINE - none could compare!
BECAUSE OF YOU - and the fun that we shared.
Those days were so innocent - A SIMPLE MELODY.
Senior Parties galore - you were told who to bring!

We were CRYING IN THE CHAPEL. (Sam served spaghetti, you know.)
The Methodist Church on Sunday nights, or we couldn't go to the show.
The Senior Day Picnic - dressed in little kids' style.
And Sock Hops and Hayrides, ONCE IN AWHILE.
The BLUE MOON above us cast its magical glow
At our Senior Prom where we danced really slow.
HOW HIGH THE MOON over Radium Springs.
These fond memories - are a few of our favorite things.

So here we are again, joining in the fun,
Remembering that Father Time waits for no one.
IT ISN'T FAIR - that some have passed.
VAYA CON DIOS. Our memories of you will last.

Since 9/11, things are just not the same.
So much we took for granted has gone right down the drain.
And, with this Reunion, we focus our wishes anew
On those who fight for freedom - who cherish the red, white & blue.

Now, I'm borrowing these last few verses, ok?
I guess this is a time in life when you look back to when - 
Thinking of all the things you've done, places that you've been.
What boils down to be the tops and certainly life's true measure - 
Family and the friends one makes in life is really your best treasure.

So thanks for being a part of a life that I won't soon forget.
What makes it even better is that "life's not over yet."
If the past is a sign of the future, at least as of this date,
Then bring it on for life's been good and I can hardly wait!


AHS 1952 40th Reunion

Submitted by Luke Simmons




40th Reunion

 June 26, 1992

Annelle Stem Griffin

 40th Class Reunion!!! It’s hard to comprehend.
Seems like only yesterday when we were young (& thin)!
So come with me. Let’s “Drag the Main”.
Back to the Past, down Memory Lane.

What fun we had in the 50’s. So innocent & naive.
Growing up in Albany was just like make-believe.
We hung out at the Pig‘n Whistle. Spent weekends at Radium Springs.
Afternoons at football practice - a few of our favorite things.
We cheered our team, the Orange & Green, the pride of Albany High!
Those Indians almost won the Region - only one point shy!
Sunday night dinners at the Methodist Church & then went to the show.
Cheehaw Park, a little kiss - Cleve was my first & oh - 
That first kiss was so special from that tall & lanky guy.
My Paw Paw met us at the door with baseball bat held high!
We hunted rabbits & stole pecans, found turtles in our lockers!
Our skirts were long our sweaters tight - did we show off our knockers!
All our teachers were the best. They cared & taught us well.
Mary Hudson, Thelma Plant, Pat & Bernie, Maynard Sell.
So clever was that Billie Bragg. Mrs. Dobbins, a Latin fable.
Thornton & Long, Mrs. Paul for P.E., & Mr. Loveless even danced on the table!
Ina Randitt & Mrs. Collins. In the shop was Mr. Sewell.
VanCise for Art. Hughes for Speech. Biology - Mr. Howell.
Mr. Mac, our Principal, at times was quite the lion.
Annella & Milward in Home Ec. & we all had a crush on Jack O’Brien!
Our favorite teacher in ‘52 was Ms. Ford - Marguerite.
‘Twas through her inspiration that our lives were more complete.

Nicknames were quite the thing, like Cleve was “Cherokee”,
Cecil was “Hambone”, Motie was “Mort”, & Tommy was “T.T.”.
Barbara - “Tiger”, Mangum - “Bubba”, & “Nook” was David G.
I was “Lump” & “Doity Nelle” & “Crash” was for Don B.
Oscar was known as “Dash” or “Burt”, & “Doober” was David L.
Charlie was “Grits” & Lee was “Flip”, & Carlton’s “Muke” was really swell.

The Sr. Dance - a Blue Moon Theme. Remember Lee & Dolly dancing?
Corsages, silver stars. Jean & Bobby still romancing.
Kids’ Day, the Sr. Picnic & Sr. Parties galore.

Then came Graduation Night. >High School Days no more!
But, let’s get Back To The Future!!! Let’s meet & celebrate
That we‘ve lived & loved LO these 40 Years - June 26, I can’t wait!
Don’t be embarrassed, girls, if you have no waist
Or if Mean Old Mr. Gravity has done weird things to your face.
Don’t worry you guys, if you’re bald or fat.
You can’t all be Don Bravaldo. Being YOU is where it’s at!

For inside of each of us is who we were in ‘52.
A little better - maybe worse - but ALIVE & LIVING, too!
I looked in the dictionary to find the definition
Of the word, “reunion”. Here’s Webster’s rendition:

See you there....


AHS 1952 20th Reunion

submitted by Herbert Paulk

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Motie Wiggins, Carlyle Sullivan and B.B. Rhodes

Mayor Motie Wiggins presents Key to Class President, Carolyn Hayes

The Gals: Kneeling: Ann Rouse and Joann Johnston. Standing - Judy Lee, Shirley Way, Ann Adams, Nettie Will Oliver, Lillian Lackland, Honey Cheatham, Helen Rhodes, Betty Jo Ellis, Margaret Langford, Hilda Farrow, and Doris Roberson.

The Guys: Kneeling: B.B. Rhodes, Bubba Pippin, Motie Wiggins, Carlyle Sullivan. Back Row: Chief Harry Helton, Jesse Way, Josh ?, ____, David Garrison, James Barber, Mel Daniel, Carlton Mulford and Luke Simmons

Honoring the Teachers: Jim Barbre, Mrs. E.M. Dobbins (Latin), Hambone Hamilton, Miss Mabel Hogue (Librarian), and Mr. G.B. Howell (Chemistry, Biology and Guidance)

The Gang!

A Presentation

Three Lovlies!



Remember the Lux Girls Contest?

(These Girls Were 15?)

Going thru some old pics and thought you'd get a kick out of this newspaper article I had scanned to send to Lillian Lackland a few years ago....can't remember who won, but sure Lillian knows....hope you can enlarge enough to read some of the ads & articles!  I still have the original newspaper.  The contest was based on how many Lux wrappers were sent in for the contestants!  ~ Annelle Stem Griffin

Click to enlarge - sorry could not make the small newspaper print readable!


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