The Beginning



June 6, 2017
The Last AHS Building on Residence Avenue ...
Will Be Repurposed ...

This Building on Residence Housed
Many Teachers and Students
of The Senior Class of 1955
and through
The Senior Class of 2017
She Will Always Remain in the Hearts of Her
AHS Indians!!!

Dear Albany High School Indians ... we never dreamed this day would come ... did we?  Sadly it did .... and it is now, as of June 6, 2017, our concluded  AHS History.  This happened ... in a matter of days.  Or ... did it?

This website section is a way to keep the history of the closing of our AHS, just as in 2003,  the Albany High Times' created a separate web section for "published articles", etc., of the end days of Radium Springs Casino ... when several AHS Indians, as a last effort, formed Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group, April 12, 2003.   Their efforts, quite frankly, were prodigious.  Sadly, their efforts failed ... the Dougherty County Commission voted NO.  The memories and ensuing history of the road to demolition of Radium Springs Casino and Pavilion are captured as a section of the Albany High Times' website

So, here we are again 14 years later  ...  AHS Indians have suffered another great loss, and this new web section of "AHS CLOSES" will tell much of the full story of the closing of our Albany High School on June 6, 2017, through newspaper and other articles.  The question is asked ... were plans to close and repurpose AHS started earlier than we thought?  In fact, possibly a couple of years earlier? 

contains 12 pages ... so as you finish reading this introductory page, you will note the end of this page posts a list of all 12 pages with a web-link to each page for your convenience.  But please read the important information below ... with instructions of how to easily "flip" from page to page.  Honestly, that's the easiest path. 

Read all notes below before you begin!

The next page, "The Beginning of the End" is an introduction to the rest of "AHS CLOSES".  In the left column under the orange button, you will see "The Beginning" ... that position is where the next page is always listed;  but the title of each page is always at the top of each web page (example)

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Yes!  I know this is information overload - just don't want anyone to miss anything.  Hope you will take the time to read all eleven pages of "AHS CLOSES" articles, preferably in order, page by page!!

Now ...
I must thank some special Indians!!  A few of the "AHS CLOSES" articles were sent by Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56) and Bruce Garey ('63), with a letter from Dr. Garey Dorough (former AHS principal); but the majority of the articles were sent by an AHS classmate who, some time ago, began sending clippings via Indian Pony Express when it became obvious AHS was in trouble.   I would not have been able to create these historical pages without the help of all these Indians. 

The Albany High Times, in it's 15th year, is indebted to our School, our Teachers, and to the Tribe!
~ Beverly Smith Herrington,  Class of 1955 (Webmaster)



***  The following 11 website pages tell our story and are listed below, in order of happening. 


*** From The BEGINNING to The END ***


1.  AHS Closes - http://albanyhightimes.com/ahs_closes.htm


2. The Beginning - http://albanyhightimes.com/the_beginning.htm


3. Milestone Results - http://albanyhightimes.com/milestone%20results.htm


4. Board of Education -http://albanyhightimes.com/board_of_education.htm


5. Public Hearing - http://albanyhightimes.com/public_hearing.htm


6. Effective Immediately - http://albanyhightimes.com/public_hearing.htm


7. DCSS Savings - http://albanyhightimes.com/dcss_savings.htm


8. GHSA (Georgia High School Asso.) - http://albanyhightimes.com/ghsa.htm


9. Lisa Holt Hood ('73) - http://albanyhightimes.com/lisa_holt_hood.htm


10. Farewell Walk - http://albanyhightimes.com/farewell_walk.htm


11. Dr. Dorough's Letter - http://albanyhightimes.com/dr._dorough's_message.htm  


12. Squawk Box - http://albanyhightimes.com/squawk_box.htm





*** Indians from Albany and other cities formed the Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group - April 12, 2003

So long, Casino - Articles on the demolition of Radium - October 28, 2003


*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Some pictures do not expand, as a result of problems with website through the years.


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