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Nominations Always Needed for
Albany Sports Hall of Fame
ALBANY — The Albany Sports Hall of Fame, which will enter its 26th year in April, is already chock full of many deserving athletes. But there’s still room for more, HOF president B.B. Rhodes said. This year's banquet will take place April 23, 2012.

“Ten, 15 years ago, we had so many resumés, but lately it’s been slowing down and we know there’s a lot of deserving former (Albany) athletes out there we'd still like to get in — but they have to be nominated to do so,” Rhodes said. “Submissions have slowed down, and we just want to remind folks that if you submitted a resumé before and didn't get in ... please submit another one for consideration. We only induct four to six a year, and we don’t want anyone to be discouraged from trying more than once.”

Athletes can nominate themselves or someone else may do it, and resumés can be turned in to either Rhodes by calling (229) 436-2305, Albany HOF secretary Sonya Spillers by calling (229) 431-1264 or Dougherty County A.D. Johnny Seabrooks at (229) 431-3308.

During the 26 years for the Albany Sports Hall of Fame, 128 athletes have been inducted and 68 scholarships have been given to outstanding students. You can visit the website at
Some of the information needed about the person: his/her high school accomplishments, college, professional and info on the person's character and community involvement. The nominee can also be someone who has coached, supported athletics or been involved in athletics as a Doctor, Sports writer, etc.
Remember - the year a nomination comes in does not necessarily mean that the nominee will go in that year. The information will be kept on file and considered in the future.


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