Barbara Amann



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October 1983

Floating, floating down through space I realize how Iíve aged with grace My time is over and as I fall My days of youth I can recall.

Young and green just sprouting forth announcing spring, a time of birth When nests were built among the branches To house the little ones of robins and finches.

When summer came I was full-grown Iíd weathered storms and winds full blown My color then a lustrous green Natureís finishing touch to a summer scene.

Iíve watched the Robinís egg of blue Until the day it cracked in two Iíve watched the mother tend her young And listened to the songs theyíve sung.

One by one the babes did climb Up on the edge for flight sublime From their mother they take their cue Time is passing for them, too.

As fall approached the days grew short To moments of reflection I would resort Floating, floating down through space I think there is a truth to face.

Drifting gently on the breeze I realize how many eyes I please My colors, brilliant orange, radiant gold I am a wondrous sight for all eyes to behold.

Other leaves are falling all around They make a glorious carpet on the ground Floating, floating down through space I will not run another race.

The truth I think we all must face No matter the life form or in what place

What more can one expect I cannot think of a thing to elect To have reached your moment supreme And know youíve fit into the scheme.

 And, so I fallÖ

                   ~ Barbara J. Amann Hoffmann (1955)



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