1960 AHS Author, Ben Swilley

"Boomers and Geezers (Almost) Survival Guide"

If ever there was a "Mark Twain" type at Albany High School, surely Ben Swilley fills the bill!  And his sense of humor is as good as it gets!

Ben Swilley, Class of 1960, may not know it ... but he is a humorist, extraordinaire! He now has a book available at Click here: Amazon.com: boomers and geezers!

The title is "Boomers and Geezers (Almost) Survival Guide" (or Humor for Boomers headed towards geezerdom) ... a survival guide "almost" because we never found the fountain ... and of an old man's efforts to stay young! It is full of some true, but mostly "not so true" tales Ben has heard and seen and repeated for too many years to remember!


Ben published his first book in August 2013, and "About the Author" read like this: " Ben Swilley is a 71 year old misfit.  He was born in Albany, deep in the southwest corner of the state of Georgia in the area known as Sowega.  In his prolific career consisting of the things you do when you are trying to grow up, he has dug ditches, worked in construction, warehousing, juke joints, roadhouses and honkey-tonks.  In recent years he has successfully managed a number of mid-sized trucking companies and he has been digging some more ditches.  He currently resides in Athens, Georgia with his love3ly wife, Kay, and although he has failed miserably at growing up, he has learned to be much more obedient in his old age."

People who are reading this book ... are laughing themselves ... silly!  Probably what Ben had in mind!


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