Bill Bowick



Bill Bowick

AHS Class of 1946

(Bill died at the age of 91 -  July 30, 2015)


Recently an old familiar name popped out at me on Vintage Albany GA ... Bill Bowick, and a link to his having been named to the Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame!!!  I remember back during my reunion planning for our 50th, I considered contacting Bill to ask if I might record a voice message from him, then play it at our reunion and watch the faces of my classmates when they recognized that familiar voice we had heard as we dressed for school!!!  But I wimped out.


Years later, when I received notice he had won The Georgia Radio and Museum Hall of Fame, I did NOT!  I found his name in the Columbus phone book, and called ... and I heard that voice! He sounded about 27!!! Still the same sonorous voice, and I thought surely I had gone back to a place that was a time of magic in my life!


 Do you remember the April Fool's Day when Bill and Walter Flint changed radio stations? Bill says he remembers, "vividly"!!! 

 “Coffee With Bill”


I never knew Bill was an AHS 1941 Indian!  I first spoke with his charming wife, Catherine "Cassie" Rakel, Class of 1946 and learned that Bill played basketball as an Indian.  He says B.D. Lee was principal and coach at the time.  Her brother Paul is deceased; but brother Clem Rakel still lives in Albany. 


In 1955, Bill took his bride, Catherine, and left Albany for a new job in Columbus GA ... this teenage heart was surely broken! 

~ Beverly Smith Herrington



Career Achievement Inductee



The Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame is a Georgia Non Profit Corporation


Popular 50’s  Radio Host of "Coffee With Bill"



Bill Bowick grew up in Albany and attended The University of Georgia.  In 1947, three months before he was to graduate, Henry Grady School of Journalism Dean, John Drewry, told him there was a job for him at WALB radio in Albany. Wishing to complete his college education, Bill turned down the job.  Drewry told him to take the job and submit a weekly "on the job" paper each week to complete his course of study and graduate.


At WALB, Bill began his long running "Coffee with Bill" morning show.   In the 8 years there, he had occasion to learn all aspects of radio. Once, Andy Griffith made an appearance at the co-owned television station grand opening and Bill was selected to be Andy's host. Griffith had a hit record with "What It Was Was Football". He borrowed Bowick's tie for the telecast (which never happened due to technical difficulties). Bill never saw the tie again. Bowick was married and had a family when, in 1955, he accepted an offer at a radio station in Columbus, GA.



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