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Bill Lightle's latest book, Dead River, just released, is his first novel. It tells the timely and thrilling story of the environmental destruction of the Flint River in Georgia, and the secrets behind it. Dead River follows the trail of two young newspaper reporters, Abby Sinclair and John Maynard, who have been assigned to the story. They could never have imagined the danger that would confront them as they get caught between people who are trying to preserve the river's natural beauty and powerful forces out to destroy it. 




To Dance

with the

Devilís Daughter


Godís Restoration of the Rev. Grady Caldwell

 by Bill Lightle


Grady Caldwell

Read the first chapter at:



Bill Lightle's first book,



Since then he has written,


Lightle was born in Indiana but has lived most of his life in Albany, Georgia, where he continues to write.  He teaches at Albany State University and LaGrange College in Albany.


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