Bye, Bye, Blackbeardís??? 

by Martha LeSueur Nicholson

April 2013


After 11 years of fun and fellowship, the quarterly AHS Blackbeardís Gathering in Albany may be history ... unless someone is willing to step up to the organizerís plate.


Wynelle (Davis) Greenway and Janice (Chastain) and Bridges Simmons started the popular gatherings in 2002 with their classmates from 1950, and it grew to include all AHS classes over the years.


The years have taken a toll on the organizers and Wynelle has accomplished all duties, single-handedly, for several years now ... with a beautiful smile!!!


She announced at the April meeting that she is looking for a replacement to do reservations and bring supplies and cakes to the gatherings. Now, itís someone elseís turn!


If no one is interested in taking on the job by April 30, the July and October meetings will be canceled and the curtain will come down ...


Those of us who have enjoyed the privilege of gathering and reuniting with classmates over the years give highest praise to Wynelle, Janice, and Bridges for all their work to bring us together.


And now, from our hearts ... we sincerely thank Wynelle Davis Greenway and wish her all the best!

Sadly ... the curtain came down; but memories linger ...



Blackbeard's Gatherings ... were started by the classes of 1950 and 1951 in 2002.  They had an idea that AHS Alums - no matter the class, no matter the age, might enjoy coming together for food and fellowship once every three months.  Originally led by Wynelle Davis Greenway, Bridges and Janice Simmons, it has been a huge success.  Classes from the late 40's to early 60's have been represented.   If you like to laugh, if you like to see old friends and make new ones, and if you are located around Albany, or happen to be in town at "Gathering" time, YOU ARE WELCOME!!!

Reservations an absolute MUST! 

Wynelle Davis Greenway: 229-435-8746   

or email:


Previous "Gatherings"
October 2011
July 2010
January 18, 2010
October 19, 2009
January 19, 2009

Jean Weiner, Albany artist, donated one of her beautiful Radium prints to be raffled at the January Blackbeard's Gathering.  $102 was raised and donated to the Albany High School Scholarship Fund.  Janice Chastain Simmons (50) introduced Jean to those attending the gathering,

Jean was a guest of Tommy ('56) and Beverly Smith ('55) Herrington who drove from Atlanta for the evening.  In trying to find a copy of "Skywater" to purchase and study Radium, Jean discovered the Albany High Times website and emailed Beverly asking where she might purchase a copy of the beautiful book written by Lamar Clifton and Morgan Murphy (deceased).  The rest is a wonderful story!

Yoni McCann, wife of Frankie McCann, Class of 1950, won the raffle!!

For the very special story of the birth, progress and signing of this incredible painting,  Click here: Jean Weiner - Albany Artist  

  It was a very good night!
January 17, 2005


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