Broad Avenue



Before High School!! 


I noticed there were no class pictures for Broad Avenue School and I just couldn't let that stand so I am sending this class picture. For some reason I am the keeper of all our family pictures and between my grandmother being a teacher, three brothers, and me, I have about 20 class pictures covering the years from early 50s through the 60s ... the 11th Ave School, Mamie Brosnan, Magnolia, Broad Ave., Highland, McIntosh, and Albany Jr. Hi.
Many regards,
~ Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck (AHS63)


*** Class of 1960 ***


~ Submitted by Jud and Dianne Savelle

Miss Doughtry's 2nd Grade Class


*** Class of 1961 ***


~ Submitted by Wren Harris (AHS '61)


~ Submitted by Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck (AHS 63)

Mrs. Bill's Class 1st Grade Class


Miss Jarrell's 4th Grade


*** Class of 1963 ***


~ Submitted by Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck (AHS 63)

Miss Virginia Morgan's  6th Grade Class



I have first names of kids listed on back of pictures and will attempt to recall last names!


Front Row: L to R - Randy Grimsley, Johnny Mangum, Peggy Davis?, Diane Padgett,

Wanda Henry, Diane Cowan, Janice ?, Betty McLeod, Gary Sprayberry?


Second Row: L to R - Bobby McKinney, Ann Singletary, Katrina Glass, Darlene Murdock,

Barbara ?, Bobbie Chapman, Charles ?, Johnny ?


Third Row: L to R - James ?, Hazel ?, Irene Nolan, Delores ?, Mary Ann Allen, Nancy

Beasley, Donnie ?, Ronnie Farr.


Fourth Row: Morris Irvin, Orion Peeples, Billy Golden, Larry ?, Herbert Adams


*** Class of 1964 ***


~ Submitted by Michael Harris

Miss Cheney's  2nd Grade Class


Front Row: Larry _, Mike Harris, Dickie _, Leroy_, Lester Passmore, Danny_, Robert_

2nd Row: Judy Ann West, Gail_, Charles Holster, Jimmy_, Martha Vest, Cheryl Kimsey, ??, Alex Mills, Sandra_, Betty Lou_

3rd Row: Mrs. Cheney, ?, ?, Martha Ann_, Judy Burch, Delores Sutton, ?, Jim Cook, Nick Cross

4th Row: Charles_, Jerry_, ?, _Moore, Galene Brown, Gloria Jean_, Cheryl Martin


*** Class of 1966 ***


~ Submitted by Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck (AHS 63)

Mrs. Howell's 3rd grade





Miss Holt's 4th Grade



NOTE: Joe Allen, my brother had Miss Holt in 1957, I had Miss Holt in 1954, and our mother had Miss Holt in 1933!

~ Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck ('63)


Miss Schmidt's 5th Grade



Mrs. Phillips' 6th Grade


Recognize a few - Joe Allen,  Kathy Fetters, Virginia Howard, Gay Forrester, Marie Tanner and Rodney Clark



*** Class of 1970 ***


~ Submitted by Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck (AHS 63)

Mrs. Smith's 1st Grade


(This sign shows Broad Street instead of Broad Ave)



Miss Dougherty's 3rd grade class


Mrs. Howell's 3rd grade class




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