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Doug Dahlgren, Class of 1965

~ AHS Author ~


***  Where is the line between patriotism and terrorism?

***   When does loyalty become conspiracy?

*** Who are the masterminds?

***   Who are the Pawns?


AHS Class of 1965


Doug attended Albany High School, in the Class of 1965 through his junior year, at which time his family moved to Atlanta where he graduated from Druid Hills High.  He is a retired contractor and businessman and lives in Decatur Georgia with his wife, Donna. 


Doug has published six books to date, but most popular is 'The Son Series'...  the saga of one man who did something.  He writes: "The quote from Edmund Burke, 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'  has been paraphrased by some, but the message is always the same. It comes from a time that gave birth to our country … and in one simple sentence explains the essence of what makes us free. The willingness to take a stand for what is right, against any odds. Those ideals are the inspiration for my character, the mysterious and secretive assassin known to the world only as, “The Son.”


His newest release ... The Daedalus Directive, is the fifth installment of The SON series, and is now available, with the rest of his books at: h


 Who is pulling the strings? The reality and legend of The SON are taking a toll on the corrupt organization that hides behind the Star formed of Numbers. Can John and his team stay on track, or will the intricate, multi-level make-up of the syndicate get to them first? The answer to the mystery is buried beneath layers as countless as the petals of an onion, yet the secret and its keepers do not feel safe. Shall they succeed in getting close to The SON? Or will the warning given to Icarus by his father prove to be an omen once again? Silas must watch, listen and learn from each minute detail as he seeks to remove the threat to his friends and his country.




Tom Herrington ('56) purchasing, "The Son", "The Only Constant", and The Basics of Fundamentals for a very special surgeon who is especially fond of good "series" books!


One review read ... Doug Dahlgren has created an intriguing modern day superhero, in the persona of Jonathan Crane, who is very much a loner. Dahlgren's writing style is spare; masculine, with lots of realistic dialogue, which in itself gives the reader insight into his characters' personalities. This is no flowery prose. He populates his novels with craggy seasoned but loveable curmudgeons, perceptive bright youth, and a motley assortment of highly corrupt power players. Plots advance in a very direct 'get it done' manner and the excitement lays in the amazingly nifty tools of technology, vehicles, weapons and other highly imaginative devices he employs with lots and lots of action.

  The first in the series is  ... The SON Silas Rising released May 10, 2010

A review: The Son is a meticulously laid out story that offers a deeper look into our current political time. It is a blend of scientific detective work, intricate plot lines and real people that will satisfy new readers. The plotting is sound, the suspense is intriguing but broken with just the right amount of dark humor. An excellent read and a real treat from a new storyteller.

His second in the series, The Only Constant released Mar 7, 2011    

A review: I have read all of Doug Dahlgren's books.  He has a writing style that is easy to read, and he develops both charachters and plot very effectively. So much so that I read The Only Constant twice and was all the more impressed at how well it is written. For those who may care (I do), Doug's writing style is also wholesome. It really is writing that is fit for all ages, and no matter what the age there is sure to be a rewarding "action-packed" reading experience. I am looking forward to more episodes in the life of Jon Crane.


And now the third in the series ... The Basics of Fundamentals was released November 11, 2011

A review: Once again Doug Dahlgren has penned the continuing saga of Jonathan Crane, a wished for hero in contemporary time. As with the previous books, the story progresses at a rapid pace and maintains the excited interest of the reader. Jon engages the reader by his direct and methodical approach to solving problems using modern technology, logic and the wealth of a few friends. It is a rewarding and stimulating series well worth your time and consideration. This series is so good that I have purchased a number of copies as gifts for friends and relatives. What more can be said?

The 4th in the series is close to publication and a 5th in the researching stage!


The fourth in the series ... Silas is dead. Or at least the world believes he is. Jon attempts to get back to his basics, with only a small handfull of his most loyal aware.  A simple case becomes complicated and then needs to be set aside. As the inner circle grows, The Son unwittingly adds valuable new allies to his group. Drug cartels and politicians must be dealt with.


Jonathan Crane can't escape them, the Basics have come back to him.

The Four Samaritans: Doug Dahlgren: Books


Doug's first book ... It Was Thursday was released October, 7, 2010 ...


A review: This is a good book and I recommend it.  From the cover you can see that the book is about the times in which we live as the heart of our country is under attack. The format is unique, listing the characters...which was a bit intimidating to me as there are many. But the format makes sense as you contemplate what and how things happen. Doug Dahlgren's writing style reads easily and makes a complicated plot with many dynamics hang together remarkably well. One of the reasons I recommend this book is because it raises awareness of what is going on around us every day.




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