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News of an Albany High School Museum!


 A Message from ...  Dr. Garey Dorough                       



Chief of the Tribe (1991-2005)




The trophy cases, yearbooks, and other print material memorabilia are our prime method of communicating to the present and future of all the events of the past that have contributed to our rich school history at Albany High School. Trophies give us a most important opportunity to recognise and celebrate former student endeavours and achievements. Since its inception in 1886, Albany High School, with the depth and breadth of its educational programs, has always displayed its trophies, both academics,  athletics, band, and the many other extracurriculars to acknowledge the considerable effort of those involved, and their dedication and focus to the task.  These accolades were the result of years of skill development coupled with serious coaching, teaching and mentoring. These acknowledgements of success encompass the pride we have of the achievements of our former students who have been and are presently representing their Alma Mater in every facet of society.


Mr. Bob Fowler, DCSS Director of Facilities Services Department, who by the way is an Albany High Alumnus has ensured us that the school board has a plan in the making to turn the newly constructed band room at Albany High into an Albany High museum housing all of Albany High’s trophies, yearbooks, and other memorabilia.


Albany High Indian Alumni, we deserve to be kept abreast of these plans in the making and we must be diligent to see this most important endeavour comes to fruition in the near future.


Proud to have been the Chief of the Tribe (1991-2005)


Gary G. Dorough, Ed.D.

Retired Principal

To Contact: Bob Fowler, Director

Facilities Services Department

Office Phone: (229) 483-6332

Cell Phone:  (229) 886-3632



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