Elementary Days



Class of 1960 ~

Jud and Dianne Savelle have been assembling pictures of classmates for some time.  SuLynn Hatcher Landon and I met with them to start preparing for the presentation at the reunion. 

Here is a preview!  Hope you will enjoy and reminisce over these.  Perhaps you'll remember some of these times at your elementary school.  I think we have at least one picture from all of the Albany elementary schools that we attended.  If you don't see one from yours below, let us know.

                                                            ~ Jim Hall

(Click pictures to enlarge)
elemen1.jpg (79480 bytes) 

Mamie Brosnan - 2nd 

elemen3.jpg (166312 bytes) 

Isabella - 2nd

elemen4.jpg (59314 bytes) 

Mulberry 2nd

elemen7.jpg (33478 bytes) 

Broad Ave - 2nd (Miss Doughtry)

elemen8.jpg (33572 bytes)

Mulberry - 5th (Miss Todisman)

elemen5.jpg (83099 bytes)

MacIntosh - 5th

elemen9.jpg (31303 bytes)

MacIntosh - 6th (Miss Cook)

elemen6.jpg (98237 bytes)

Palmyra - 5th

elemen2.jpg (106018 bytes)

St. Teresa's

elemen10.jpg (36573 bytes)

Junior High - 7th 


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