Flint Avenue




Before High School!! 

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*** Class of 1948 ***


The school became the Administrative Building for many years before the present one was built.

5th Grade Elementary Class - 1940 - 1941

~ Submitted by Carleen Newell Flowers


Teacher: Mrs. Helen Southwell


1st Row: Albert Musselwhite; Bucky ?; Grace Page Cheatham; Russell Cates; Talmadge Martin;


2nd Row: Hazel Pippin Sellers; Jean West Mills; Ann Mercer ?; Ella Frances Mason ?; Eddie Ort; Eugene Roan; ??; Howard ?


3rd Row: Carleen Newell Flowers; Rexford Nesmith ?; Helen Kearse Butler; Peggy ?; Betty Jean Melton Giles; JoAnn McCord Harris; Patty Page Fagette; Ernestine ?;


Back Row (l to r): Norris Peede; James Letchworth; ??; Mary Murray ? ; Martha Ranew ?; ??, A.J. Nobles





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