Harry Helton





April 2, 1933 - May 7, 2017

Former AHS Live Mascot

Harry put on his AHS mascot gear at his 60th AHS Class of 1952 Reunion!

We called him Harry, but professionally he uses his first name, Henry! 

He went from being one of the greatest "live" Indian mascots at Albany High School to take on the role of "Happy the Clown" ... and the truth is ...  the name "Happy" suits him best of all!

In between "Harry" and "Happy" he was Henry who served in the Army for two years, then was given early release to attend FSU, graduating with a BS Degree; then his Masters at Georgia State University. 

His first performance as "Happy" was at the 1958 Gator Bowl! Of the clowning career he says that Red Skelton was his idol.  And he bases his acts on this quote from Mr. Skelton, "If you have to use four-letter words to tell a joke, you're not funny." 

He taught leadership dynamics and program development at Appalachian State, and was the associate executive director of the YMCA, 40 miles north of Charlotte. 

Harry was recently chosen as "A Notable Neighbor" in the Claremont Hickory Daily Record, a local newspaper! 



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