Henry Duggan, Class of 1959

ALBANY HERALD -- Henry Duggan ('59) beams when he talks about his first novel, "Silver's Odyssey." And why not? It only took 17 years for him to be able to hold it in his hands.

"I wanted to write this book for a long time," the first-time author said. "It was always in my head but I never had time to write it until I retired from the (Regions) bank."


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Click here: Silver's Odyssey: Henry C. Duggan III: 9781468587340: Amazon.com: Books


Growing up in Albany ...

Published by Albany Herald in the October 2, 2011 historic 120th anniversary issue.


August 2008

 It stands lonely but stately on the corner of 600 W. Broad Ave. and N. Madison St., as a sentinel to early school days for many Albanians. Two stories plus a basement looking forgotten amongst the oaks, it sits vacant. 
 Once the source of learning for elementary kids, it now has broken windows and random vine-covered walls. Long past its prime as to facilities and location, it is For Sale by Willcox Realty of Albany. 

A well-designed  building, built in 1930, it is still majestic, having tall windows, light brown brick, Gothic Revival appointments, and with a lion, who sits on high guarding the entrance.  Towering on the back side is a single brick chimney, a testament to a once-used coal-fired boiler and radiator heating system.

   I pass it often ... but recently I walked the grounds and peered in the windows for the first time in 60 years. My memories of the first grade, my only year of attendance, are hazy, but I can remember -- crying the first day of school, lunch in the basement cafeteria, my sweet teacher Mrs. Brim, and, along with neighbor Stafford Moznette, missing the school bus and walking home to Slappey Dr. 
   When built, it was three blocks west of our town's central block, and was on the "far, western" edge of town. Town growth and population migration slowly eroded its student base. It is now owned by an individual in NC, per the tax records.
   Maybe a wealthy prince or princess will restore it to its former grandeur, and put it to beneficial community use.
"Thanks--old school, for your years of service, as you helped to nurture us through early years of growing up in post-war Albany. You kept young kids warm and helped us to learn.
Henry Duggan
Class of ' 59

A sweet bygone past

  • A native Albanian recounts a time when packing peaches was a mainstay of the area's economy.

HENRY C. DUGGAN III  1963, who retired last year from Regions Bank, is a regular contributor to Southwest Georgia Living magazine and has lived in Albany nearly his whole life.

Tommy Pattison (1955) sent this article from the Albany Herald about Henry C. Duggan, III and notes: Henry Duggan worked at Home Federal for years.  He is about 10 years younger than we are.  Henry married Pat Rose, sister of Ann and Jeff Rose.  Both Ann and Jeff are deceased.  Henry's sister is Fran Duggan (1965) and his father, Henry C. Duggan, Jr. was the Director of The Lord's Pantry. 


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