Highland Avenue




Before High School!! 

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*** 1960 ***

Submitted by Betty Nix Rouse (60)

3rd Grade

Mrs. J.R. Powell, Teacher

Betty Gregory, Sandra Sauc?, Gloria Glisson, Janet West, Jesse Griffin, Clayton Head, Larry Courson, Billy Carlisle, Ronnie Rogers, Bob Allen, Daryl ___, Billy Turner, ____, Pat Vinson, Betty Watkins, Ruby Dumpkin, Pat Peeke, Jane Collins, Phyllis Luke, Ruth Stewart, Ellen Nichols, Carolyn Kirkland, Majorie Rogers, Barbara Jean, Betty _____, Jerry Lawson, Hudson Hall, Joe Colson, Joe Moore, Earl Cook, Penny Hannon, Charles McDuffy, and Edward Taylor

Submitted by Bill Phillips


3rd Grade - 1951



4th Grade - 1952

5th Grade - 1953

Mrs. Faircloth



6th Grade - 1954

Miss White




*** 1973 ***

~ Submitted by Mary Ann Allen Caldbeck (AHS 63)

Mrs. Oliver's  4th Grade Class







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