Jessie Herbert Paulk, Author

~ Genealogist ~

Class of 1952


Jessie Herbert Paulk graduated in the AHS Class of 1952, but was known back then as Herbert Paulk.  Google Jessie H. Paulk, and you will be surprised at the amount of information!  His website can be found at: and lists some 189 files/books on family genealogies and county research material.

He worked for the U.S. Government for 33 1/3 years and retired from Hq USMC in 1990.

Jessie has been researching families and their histories since 1965 and have researched, compiled and published 110 books to date.  He has been recognized by several nationally known libraries around the nation for his work.

All of his books can be found in national libraries such as the National D.A.R. Library in Washington DC.  Additionally, he has lectured and instructed on genealogy research and book publishing, that he designed and wrote.

All of Jessie's books are in the Albany Public Library and he is currently in negotiations to donate his entire research collection of over 50 years to them. 

Websites: jessie paulk

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