Before High School!! 

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*** Class of 1948 ***


~ Submitted by Ralph Calhoun

Miss Josephine Johnson's Kindergarten

Ralph writes that when his family moved to Vienna GA, there was no kindergarten offered, so his mother, Sally Mae Calhoun, would occasionally send him to visit at Miss Josephine Johnson's Kindergarten ... where he met future classmates.  The family later moved to Albany.


*** Class of 1950 ***

- Jack and Jill Kindergarten - May 19, 1938


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Front Row Seated: Joanne Green, Evelyn Butler, Carolyn Crocker, Kay Johnson, Elise Holt and Beth Kimberly

Second Row Standing:  Emily Dann, Ann Sweetland, George Bivens, Bobby Thompson Ray, Ellis Haraka, Billy Jones, Bobby Ruffin, Bruce Gunnels, Ralph Hodges, Benjie Hodges and Mary Jenkins

Back Row Standing: Craig Hawk, Nancy Winter, George Sterns, Mary Ann Davis, Bobby Culbertson, Theresa Hutchings, and Edwin McDonald

Teachers:  Mrs. Golden Slappy, Mrs. Helen G. Sperry, Mrs. Dorris Holt and Mrs. J.W. Bivens

*** Class of 1956 ***


~ Submitted by Dan Brooks

Front Row: Bob Duggleby, Curt Herman, Unknown, Unknown, Charlotte Chapman, Unknown, Unknown, Jimmy Culpepper, Albert Bacon

Second Row: Unknown, Raines Wakeford, Mary Dale Vansant, Wilma Muse, Chloe Perry, Ritchy Marbury, Ann Ruffin, Unknown, Marjorie Bedenbaugh, Denny Cain

Third Row: John Field, Bubba Phillips, Johnny Johnson, John Martin, Fred Sumter, Willis Bowles, Bill Garrison, Wilson Joiner

Back Row: Frantz Lipsey, Jimmy Watkins, Gene McCall, Dan Brooks, Ed Strickland


*** Class of 1957 ***


~ Submitted by Patsy Melvin Donnelly

Mrs. Slappey's 1945 Kindergarten Class

Front Row: (left to right) ?, ?, Jimmy Culpepper, Brenda Hawthorn, ?, Rembert Glass,  and ?

Second Row (left to right) ?, Pauline Stern, Billy Gurr, Sonia Sutton, Charlotte Chapman, Foster Joiner, ?, Jackilynn Haye, and Eudora Lee

Top Row (left to right) ?, Carrol Howard, Gail Batey, Albert Bacon, Lee Loften, Patsy Melvin, Kay Barret, and Lee English.

That is the best that I can do. Maybe someone else knows the identity of those that I didn't!  ~ Patsy Melvin Donnelly 


*** Class of 1959 *** 


~ Submitted by Henry Duggan


Jack and Jill Kindergarten

1946 - 1947



UI = Unidentified
First Row
1. UI, 2. UI, 3. Patsy Stokes, 4. Brenda Hawthorne, 5. UI, 6. UI, 7. Sandra Hopkins, 8. Wade Gill, 9. UI, and 10, Jimmy Curry
Second Row
1. Spencer Lee, 2. Judy Watkins, 3. UI, 4. UI, 5. Hinky Dunn, 6. UI, 7. Dan Tanner, 8. Jerry Walton (?), 9. UI,
10. John "Buster" Vansant, 11. Donald "Butch" Clifton, 12. Dianne Mullins, 13. UI, and 14. Billy Hall
Third Row
1. UI, 2. Henry Duggan, 3. UI, 4. Bonnie Watson (?), 5. Hewett Joiner (?), 6. UI, 7. UI, and 8. Joe Burdeshaw


*** Class of 1959 *** 


~ Submitted by Jud and Dianne Savelle


St. Teresa's

*** Class of 1962 *** 


~ Submitted by Jay Beck

Strawberry Hill Kindergarten

Strawberry Hill Kindergarten was a block or two from Palmyra Elementary School. 

Most of the kids in this photos were in AHS class of '62. 

Don't remember the year, but this must a have been around 1949-1950.

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~ Submitted by Nan Murphy Claypool

St Theresa's Kindergarten Graduates of 1951

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Bottom row: Joseph Rou, Angela Daniels, Sharon Kunkel, Nan Murphy, Stanley Miller & Sister M Anne Celine
Middle row: Anne Marie Wolfe, Theo Voegte, Teddy Guiffrida, Mary Jane Beck & Darlene Murdock
Top row: Cherie Farmer, Doug Gotsch, Tom Rhodes, Wayne Nayborg & Patty Sineath




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