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Linda Leeger Stokes (Class of 1957) is a well-known artist.  She took her BA from the University of Texas in Dallas and has been exhibiting in Atlanta and the Southeast since 1988, both in solo and group exhibitions.  She is also in numerous collections across the Southeast.  Linda participated in the Town Turtles project for members of the Sandy Springs (GA) Society.  Her aquatic-inspired Fen, was purchased by the Billi Marcus Foundation and is on display at the Atlanta Aquarium. 

Linda says, "History of my art is long and slow but very satisfying.  After starting off in Architecture - I finally got my degree in Painting & Printmaking from UTD in Dallas when children were in High School.  Never quit painting.  I am currently in galleries in Atlanta, Savannah, Raleigh and Charlevoix, Mich." 

Linda and her family moved to Big Canoe 2 years ago and she says she has, "... a studio better than my art. My studio is huge and beautiful the architect owns several of my paintings and he gave me the best room in the house."  North Georgia is a great inspiration to Linda. 

Click below on the beautiful, "Encounter" for more of her beautiful paintings!

Linda Stokes
Linda has a new studio and is taking a deeper look into the woods that have become her trademark. Her new works are large scale and full of color. They provide a feeling of open air and open windows.

36"x60" Oil /Canvas



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