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The Coach Graham Lowe Scholarship

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$10,015 Pledged Donations as of 10/24/2016
First Lowe Scholarship of $500
to be awarded in April 2017

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Lowe Scholarship
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Dear friends,

Whether it was in French class, on the athletic field or court, or just in the hallways at Albany High School, Westwood School, or Deerfield-Windsor School, Graham P. Lowe has had a profound impact on the lives of many, many young people in Albany.  As I reflect on those who have influenced my life, I owe a great deal to Coach Lowe.

Coach Lowe’s compassion for students is legendary, and he and his wife Betty have assisted countless students who needed a friendly helping hand.

A number of friends and former classmates and I have decided that there is no more fitting tribute to Coach Lowe than to endow a scholarship in his name.  Initially, we reached out to Albany High, but we soon found that they do not have the capacity to receive and invest funds.

We then turned to Deerfield-Windsor School, where Coach Lowe served as the first Headmaster.  He also oversaw the creation of many of the sports that continue at DWS today.  Deerfield-Windsor agreed to receive tax-deductible contributions and to invest them with their endowment so that the principal would grow over the years. 

With Graham Lowe’s input, we have decided on the following criteria for the scholarship:

-        the recipient must have a satisfactory (3.0 or better) grade point average

-        he/she must be entering the junior or senior year

-        he/she must be involved in at least one activity at a high level

-        he/she must have financial need

The selection committee will include the Headmaster, Middle/Upper School Director, and Admission Director at DWS.

The amount of the scholarship will depend on the success of our fundraising effort.  We want to have this award become self-perpetuating; that is, the interest of the fund will be awarded, allowing the principal to grow.  We will not make an award until such a time as we have enough in the principal for the interest to be a meaningful amount.

Please consider donating generously to honor this man who has meant so much to many of us. 


1.     To Donate, make your check to:

 Deerfield Windsor School and put Lowe Scholarship on the Memo Line

2.     Mail your Donation to:

Advancement Office Deerfield Windsor School

2500 Nottingham Way Albany , GA. 31707

3.     IMPORTANT: Also ... please email
the following to me (email address below) :


       (a) your pledged amount and

(b) your AHS class year


Paul Lockard AHS 1962
Cecil Fowler, Class of '62
Jay Beck, Class of '62
Bill Brown, Class of '62
Jane Carr, Class of '62
Carol Rockett, Class of '62
Ron Whitfield, Class of '62
Steve Heidt, Class of '62
Martin Stewart, Class of '62
David "Skeet" Hard, Class of '62
Barbie Bynum, Class of '62
Ladd King, Class of '62
Skip Gnehm, Class of '62
Jimmy Tumlin, Class of '62
Jeanie Cross, Class of '62
Carlos Phillips, Class of '62
Sue Yielding, Class of '62
Paul Lockard, Class of '62
Bobby Mallard, Class of '55
Harold Carter, Class of' '59
Gates Scoville, North Georgia College
Paul Armstrong, Class of '61
Russell "Rusty" Kaliher, Class of '61
Gary Whitfield, Class of '61
Wayne Whitfield, Class of '65
Ed Faber, Jr., Class of '62
Richard Stalvey, Class of '62
Wayne Poe, Class of '62
Eileen Rothschild, Class of '62
Pam Jordan Newton, Class of '62
Rod Starr, Class of '62
Joy Hatcher, Class of '62
Kay Pedrotti, Class of '62
Phillip Littlejohn, Class of '62
 Larry Almand, Class of '62
 Alan Goolsby, Class of '62
 Micki Tanner, Class of '62
Rick Horne, Class of '62
Tommy Parrish, Class of '62
Allen Klein, Class of '62
Judy Simpson, Class of '62
Earl and Tappie Sauls, Class of '62
Ken Adams, Class of '63
John Sherman, Class of '63
Sandy Redding Bell, Class of '63
David Sherman, Class of '61
Paul Russell, Class of Jr. '63
Dr. Fred Pollard, Class of '61
Wanda Procter, Class of  '61
Sara Joiner Eubanks, Class of  '61
Ellis Benson, Class of  '69
Barbara Gene Murphy Stough, Class of  '61
Gerald "Jerry" Benson, Class of '65


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