Mamie Brosnan



Mamie Brosnan Elementary!!

*** Class of 1955 ***

 ~ Submitted by Patricia Floyd Hazen


Miss Montine Martin's 3rd Grade Class



1st Row:  Patricia Floyd, Barbara Hornsby, Ann Bass, Martha Harris, Becky Gammage, Janice Hayes and Yvonne Hatcher

2nd Row: Katrina Hutto, little blonde guy (between Barbara and Ann), Claire Cherry?, Donald Hart, T. Wallace, little girl, Sammy Futch.

3rd Row: Billy Bruce Jones, Marion Hay, Dickie Freeman, Buddy Fleming, Carol Houston?, girl with bow ribbon, Tonia Holland.

4th Row: Ronnie Medlock or Buddy Helms, Franklin Fudge, Annette Butler, Don Goodroe, Miss Martin, Marlene Kahn, dark headed boy, Jack Howard, Ernest Frasier, Jimmy Holloway

*** Class of 1960 ***

 ~ Submitted by Betty Nix Rouse (60)


Miss Frances William's 1st Grade Class

Kitty Royal, Gwen Money, Pat Rabrun, Gary Moree, Ray Pitts, Alice McDougal, W.H. Phillips, Sandra McCloud, Laverne Mills, Pam Myers, Bobby Patrick, Phillip T?, Jerry Phillips, Billy McKenzie, Tommy Ross, and Gene McCrary.


Mrs. Paul Robertson 2nd Grade Class

Amy Pate, Jane Jordan, Gene McCrary, George Hasty, Claence, Sandra McCloud, Patricia Loeb, Mary Ann ?, Alice McDougall, Pam Myers, Bobby Knight, Delores King, Jerry Phillips, Ann Lawrence, Pt Raben, Gwen ?, Mary Money, Edward ?, Bobby Logan, Charles Middeton, W.H. Phillips, Kenneth ?, Raleigh Mann, John Miller, Lavern Mills, Jane Maloy, Jerry Upshaw, Elizabeth ?, Gary Moree.


~ Submitted by Jud and Dianne Savelle

2nd Grade Class


*** Class of 1961 ***


~ Submitted by David Sherman


~ Submitted by Bill Feild


Mrs. Reeves 3rd Grade Class

*** Class of 1965 ***

Miss Anna Bland's 2nd Grade Class - 1955


Miss Anna Bland's 2nd Grade Class - 1956




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