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1952 - 1953

McIntosh PTA Directory!!!

*** Class of 1954 ***


~ Submitted by Frieda Howard Randles

Miss Martin's 6th Grade

Can You Help With Names?

Front Row:  Sandra Winter, Jeanene Horne, June Justice or Eleanor?, boy, boy, Ray Lloyd (in back), Delora Leming, Frieda Howard, and Patsy Lee

Second Row:  Bobbie Jean Howard Berger, Peggy Jo Irwin, Clara Lewis, Bill Gissendaner, Layton ?, Edward Lee, Charles Johnson  and BillyAlligood?

Third Row:  Miss Martin, Sybil Jones, David James, Paul McCorvey, boy and Harold Johnson

Fourth Row: Betty Jean Howerton?, Al Higginbotham, boy, Margaret Freeman, boy, girl,


~ Submitted by Jon Crawford

Toward the end of her life, my Mother sorted the many photos and news clippings, and had a large envelope for each of the five of us with the ones she thought belonged to each.  I just received the (above) photo from a nephew of my oldest brother, Holt.  Mother obviously got a few mixed up.

I recognize Squirrel, Dooley, Bunky and a couple of the others, but can't even figure out where I am. Maybe someone will name the young faces. 


Names submitted by Nan Crews

First row: left to right
     Janice Bass, Joanne Cannon, Elaine Boynton, (?), Rosalind Bartlett, Ann Cannon, Annette Bryan.
Second Row:
     Sammy Bell, William Crosson, Jon Crawford, Nan Crews (white collar), Kay Clancy, Gail Barlow, Shirley Barton, Barbara Aultman.
Third Row:
Bobby Cannon, Jimmy Beasley, Liebe Briggs, Jerry Clark, Billy Baumgartel, Joe Butler, Benny Brunson, Hugh Belcher, Clayton Cain.
Back Row:
Martha Crawford, Betty Bryan, (?), David Cravey, Dooly Culbertson, ( ? )


~ Submitted by Tommy Pattison 

Miss Beth Fryer's 6th Grade (1947)

1st Row:  Nell Lokey, Shirley McLemore, Ioma Rowe, Faye Rhodes, Ella Jean Lokey, Annette Martin, Susan Riffe, Ruth Sawyer, and Carlis Nobles
2nd Row:  Mary Elizabeth Martin, Russell Medlin, Joe Nichols, Donald Rogers, John McKenzie, Tommy Norras, Mallary Masters, and Bonny McDaniel
3rd Row:  Nellie Rhodes, Cecil Posey, Carlton Norris, Jimmy Rogers, Albert "Sam" Pritchard, Tommy Pattison, Bobby Pitts, Walter Purvis,  Joe Ed Rossman, Charles McDowell
4th Row:  Winston Owens, Paul McCorvey, Jimmy McKinnon, Ronnie Powell, John Law, Adair Mellichamp
5th Row:  Charles Rachals, Lewis Richardson


*** Class of 1955 ***


Miss Martin's 4th Grade Class


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Grade 4: 1946 - 1947

~ Submitted by Tommy Bridges ('55)

Not sure the year

Front row left to right: Tommy Bridges, Gerald Davis, Frank Bradshow and Michael Cash.  Second row: David Akridge, Leonard Casey, Rayford Carter and James Dupree.  Third row: Gene Coston, Donald Braswell and Ralph Bailey


*** Class of 1956 ***

Play Given At McIntosh By 4th Grade


“Our Community Helpers”, a play, was presented Friday by the 37 members of the McIntosh School fourth grade taught by Mrs. R.M. Calhoun.  The play was given at the regular assembly session.  Taking part were the following: 

General announcer, Gordon Johnson; Reading, “Great Wide Beautiful Wonderful  World”, Gordon Johnson; “Devotional Thoughts”, Martha LeSueur, Sara Jo Holland, Jeanette Henderson, Jean Goolsby, Joann Ivey and Dale Hudson.  Play announcer, John Huie.

Group I.  Milkman, Johnny Collins; Iceman, Emmette Israel; Butcher, Edward Law; Grocer, Gordon Johnson; Baker, Harold King.

Group II.  Carpenter, Buddy Lipsey; Plasterer, Sam Hammond; Painter, Bernie Oliver; Plumber, Ralph McDaniel; Electrician, Wayne Germany.

Group III.  Storekeeper, Mac Irvin; Tailor, Frantz Lipsey.

Group IV.  First Policeman, Jack Ivey; Second Policeman, Edward Ivey; Third Policeman, Larry Harper; School Police Patrol, Charles Greenway; School Boy Patrol, Wilson Joiner; First School Girl Patrol, Dorothy Hout; Second School Girl Patrol, Joann Land; School Bus Driver, Bobby Hawkins; Fireman, Tommy Howell; Doctor, Gordon Kilgore; Nurse, Jean Hunter.

Group V.  Postman, Joel Land; News Girl, Margaret Brookes; Telephone Girl, Jane Green; Telegraph Messenger, Janet Harrison; Radio Broadcaster, Shirley Johns.

Group VI.  First Librarian, Linda Jones; Second Librarian, Nancy Leeger.

(Text from The Albany Herald, February 27, 1948)


*** Class of 1960 ***


~ Submitted by Betty Nix Rouse

Miss Edith Tidwell's 4th Grade 


Charlene Herring, Carolyn Johnson, Nettie Dorsch, Jane Collins, Olin Coffin, Joe Wigglesworth, Pat Logie, Tommy Malone, L? Kimbrell, Carolyn Blakely, Harmon Oaks, Linda Hart, Yvonne Casey, Shirley Casey, Phyllis Burger, Betty ?, Charles Jones, Ann Churchwell, Celia Davis, Iris Jacobs, Pat Dees, Fred Chappell, Sandra Tucker, Raleigh Mann, Patsy Stokes, Kitty Royal, Pam Myers, Pat Loeb, Douglas D?, Joe ?, Carol Crisler, Lamar NeSmith, Gladys Futrell, and Bobby Logan.

Mrs. L.M. Jordan's 5th Grade

No names provided

Miss Dorothy Cook's 6th Grade

No names provided

~ Submitted by Jud and Dianne Savelle


5th Grade


Miss Cook's 6th Grade


*** Class of 1961 ***


~ Submitted by David Sherman

Florence Harwell, teacher - 5th grade class

Teacher ____, Grade _____

~ ~ ~

~ Submitted by Bill Feild

   Miss Mun's 4th Grade 

Mrs. Cotton's 6th Grade 


*** Class of 1964 ***


~ Submitted by Michael Harris


Mrs. Hairston's 3rd Grade

Front Row: Charles_, Duane Fallon, Jim Noble, Charles Wells, Bobby Cox, Charles King, David Danford, Reuben Cloud, Wesley Noble, Robert Sutton

2nd Row: Merry Holley, ?, ?, Dottie Thomas, Marlene Duke, Mike Harris, ?, Katy_

3rd Row: Ginger Able, Bobby Boyer, Ed Cannon, Harley King, Betty Broadwell, ?, Mack_, Peggy Gladney, Jimmy Faulkner, Chris Ansley, Gale McWilliams, Harry Brooks, Larry Chestnut


Mrs. Calhoun's 4th Grade

Front Row: Glenn Johnson, Jimmy Bence, Alan Ross, ?, Bobby_, Wayne Davis, ?, Bill Dismuke, Tommy Young, Mack Haynes

2nd Row: Larry_, Ronnie Afiera, Mike Harris, Duane Fallon, Gail_, Phyllis Catlin, Frances Williams, Suzanne_, ?, Gwendolyn_, Wayne Naylor

3rd Row: Ada Davis, Jan_, Jennifer Helms, Bill Kaliher, Jimmy Faulkner, Chris Ansley, W.R. Berry, ?, Linda_, Lorie Rollins

 Miss Hill's 5th Grade

1.    Front Row: Mike Harris, Ed Cannon, Peggy Gladney, Mary Lou Rainey, Martha English, Lawrence Reno, Joe Jones, Robert Sutton, Jerry Morgan

2nd Row: Mavis Gibson, Carol Harris, Janet Wells, Carol Patrick, Anne Hurst, Judy West, Mary Nell McGee, Phyllis Catlin, Merry Holley, Diana Snuggs, Marlene Duke

3rd Row: Hadley Rome, Earnest Boyette, Wayne Naylor, Gale McWilliams, Barbara Summerly, Sharon Chambliss, Robert Griffin, Hoyt Edge, Randolph Swain, Patricia Matthews


Miss Callis's 6th Grade



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