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We Honor Our AHS Military Spouses

Who Served at Home .... and so much more!


*** Jo Wright Hughes, Class of 1954; wife of James Hughes


*** Anne West Green, Class of 1960:  I married Lt James (Don) Green and was (and am) a military wife for 20 years. I loved every moment of military life and the education that came with it. Don and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Our son served in the Navy and our daughter the Army National Guard with two tours in the Middle East. May God bless and keep all our young troops. Las Vegas, NV.


*** Judy Pryor Hoxie, Class of 1958: I was the wife of a Navy officer for 14  of our 41 years of marriage. The first two years of our marriage were on Guam. Vietnam fell soon after we arrived on Guam. Andy was made CO of a camp for the Vietnamese refugees and I was the red cross volunteer at his camp. The Navy moved us to Guam, San Francisco, South Mississippi, Los Angeles and Charleston, SC.  


I was in Los Angeles with a 3 year old, 2 cats, 3 cars, a house and a job while Andy was gone on the Battleship New Jersey for 11 months. They had planned to be gone 3 months. During that time I was the Lamaze coach for another of the officer's wife. I loved being a military wife.

*** Sandra "Sandi" Thrower Nichols, Class of  1960: My husband Paul Nichols served from 1957 to 1960, in the US Marine Corps and from 1961 till 1980, in the US Air Force serving in Vietnam Nam from 1968-1970.  He retired as a SMSgt.

I grew up as a military “brat”; my Dad was a career Marine. Right after graduation I married Paul who was stationed at MSCS in Albany. We were married the day he got out of the Marine Corps and went to his home in New York. After 10 months as a civilian he decided to re-enlist, but in the Air Force. He made a career of the military after that. He went to Viet Nam in January of 1969 and served there until January of 1970. Paul retired as a First Sergeant after 23 years in service. We never once regretted the decision to make that our life. There were separations when duty called, but home was always where we both were with our daughter. We stayed in Omaha, Nebraska after retirement.

*** Aloha Mallard Saye, Class of 1947
This letter was written by Aloha on the occasion of her 25th Wedding Anniversary.  It covers the full scope of the life of a military wife!

For the past twenty-five years I have been bawled out, balled up, held up, held down, hung up, bulldogged, blackjacked, walked on, cheated, squeezed and mooched, stuck for war tax, Social Security Tax, Sales Tax, State Fax, Federal Tax and dog tax, war bonds, baby bonds and bonds of matrimony; Red Cross, Blue Cross and double crossed; asked to help and worked with the P.T.A., School Room Mothers, Little League, Ponytail League, Booster Club, Mother’s March of Dimes, teen employment, O.W.C., office parties, attend meetings, A.F. Base projects and painting pictures for friends; decorate for kindergartens, schools, shopping centers, Officer’s Clubs, parade floats, churches and a Bomb Comp; most while pregnant, changing diapers, making baby formula, cooking meals, washing, ironing, cleaning house, carpooling, entertaining; caring for horses, cats, rabbits, squirrels, chickens, ducks, a hamster, tropical fish, bantam hen and a fighting cock rooster, a mole, snakes and a sixteen year old dog; all while loving my A.F. pilot hubby and seeing him off to fly and land at all hours of the night; asked to be both mother and father to our six children while hubby was T.D.Y. and a year in Vietnam; I have worked like hell and have been worked like hell, have been happy and depressed, broke, hungry, tired and haggard, I have been cussed, discussed, boycotted, talked to and talked about, lied to and lied about, screwed, held up, hung up, robbed and damn near ruined and the only reason I’m still sticking around now is to see what in the hell is to happen next. From Your Loving Wife, Aloha


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