Palmyra Elementary



Before High School!! 

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** Class of 1956 **


Miss Powell's 6th Grade Class

@ Palmyra - 1950

First row L to R: Fred Sumter, girl, girl, Doris Staton, Frantz Lipsey, boy, Jimmy Wester (?), Ann Pollock, Ross Malone, boy

Second row L to R:  Miss Willye Powell, Sybil Rifkin, Jimmy Pickron(?), girl, girl, girl, Al Loveless, Alan McDowell, Noel Whittemore, Chloe Perry

Third row L to R:  Dan Story (?), Martha LeSueur, Marcia Webb, Penny McDaniel, Curtis Rhodes, Frank Orgel, Raines Wakeford, Mary Dale Vansant, Ritchey Marbury


6th Grade Class @ Palmyra - 1950



~ The Maid and the Golden Slipper ~


May 22, 1950

by Claude Davis Richardson

(submitted by Tom Herrington - '56)


** Class of 1960 **



~ Submitted by Jud and Dianne Savelle ('60) and Kay Herrington ('62)


Miss Hogue's' 2nd Grade Class


~ Submitted by Jud and Dianne Savelle ('60)

5th Grade Class


~ Submitted by Mary Anne Allen Caldbeck


Miss Jackson, Teacher

1953 or 1954



This is a class picture that belonged to my cousin. Can't read the year but it is probably a 5th or 6th grade class which would make it 1953 or 54. They would be graduates in 1960 as that is the year my cousin graduated in Mitchell Co.  She moved to Mitchell County in 1955 or 56. Maybe someone can identify more accurately.


** Class of 1961 **


~ Submitted by Wren Harris


Teacher? 3rd Grade Class ('51 - '52)


Teacher? 4th Grade Class ('52 -'53)


Teacher? 5th Grade Class ('53 -'54)


Mrs. Griffeth, Teacher - 6th Grade Class ('54 - 56)


** Class of 1962 **


~ Submitted by Jay Beck

2nd through 6th Grade Class Pictures



1951 2nd Grade


1952 3rd Grade

Mrs. Shepherd

1953 4th Grade

Mrs. Cook

1954 4th Grade

1955 5th Grade

Miss Fryer



6th Grade Band

Polly Sell, Director

~ Submitted by Jay Pryor

Ms. Hardy, 4th Grade

Ms. Bartley, 5th Grade


- Submitted by Kay Herrington ('62)

Mrs. Chapman's 3rd Grade Class


** Class of 1963 **


~ Submitted by Nan Murphy Claypool

Mrs. Hutchison's 1st Grade


Mrs. White's 2nd Grade


Mrs. Shepherd's 3rd Grade


Mrs. Cook's 4th Grade

David Fuller, Cheryl Parrish, Susan Hudgens Harper, Jim Ingram, Bernice Olsen, Gayle Walden Chapman, Johnny Strong, Bowen Spencer, Elizabeth Champion, Tod Holman, Janet Gerst and The Brad Hatfield Band at Palmyra Elementary


Miss Harrell's 5th Grade


Mrs. Griffin's 6th Grade


Submitted by Rita Cox

Palmyra Elementary - Miss Fryer's 5th Grade

Some of the students were:

Ginger Martin, Lynda Jo Campbell, Helen Birdsong, Stanley Sharp, Jim Ingram

Walter Deitchman, Bernice Olsen, David Fuller, Flora Jean McMillan, Ann Heinemann

Bob Albersold, Peter Robert Bunn, Patricia Henderson, Betty Thornton, Mickey Alverson

Barry Wright, Donald Davis, Tommy James, Frank Gaetani, Cliff Blackerby

and Rita Cox (the girl next to the end on the first row, with glasses) thatís me.


I left Albany in 1957 when my Dad was transferred to Hawaii in the Marines.   The class wrote their names down on a paper so we could write back and forth....I just found that paper this week. The picture and the paper have survived floods and hurricanes and moves all over the United States.

~ Rita Cox


** Class of 1964 **


~ Submitted by Joe Mann

Palmyra Elementary - Mrs. Hatcher's 2nd Grade




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