Patsy Melvin



Patsy Melvin Donnelly, Class of 1957

Artist of Photography and Paintings

  These are some of Patsy's prize-winning photos. The osprey with the fish was selected for a cover of Tampa Bay Wildlife Federation. The frog won first place in the humor category of National Wildlife magazine. She was sitting on her patio late one evening, when she noticed the frog in one of her hanging baskets.  The frog won some other photo contests as well, and was used by National Wildlife magazine in one of their advertising campaign’s. The monarch butterfly was photographed in her garden and it won first place in Florida Wildlife magazine.

Patsy started her photography hobby in 1988, but did not begin to paint until around 2000.  She has not painted for six years. 

This presentation is a mixture of photography and paintings ... can you tell the difference?




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