Paul Webb, Jr., Author

Class of 1961


After completing his Master's Degree in Physics at Georgia State University, Paul (AHS Class of '61) began a forty-year career in the scientific instrument industry, devoting the last thirty years to the physical characterization of particulate matter. Soon recognizing the need of researchers for more information about instrument design and the theory of measurement, he began regularly to publish on the subject. In the late 1990's, collaborating with Prof. Clyde Orr (Ga. Tech, retired), they decided to consolidate their knowledge on the subject in the form of a text book.


Although the subject is highly specialized, the book has been widely used over the years and continues to be cited in research papers, today. While the original text is still in print, work on a second, expanded edition is underway.


Since the vast majority of people have neither knowledge of nor interest in this area of science, the following (examples) may suffice, but almost any material could be placed in the parentheses as the example. The book explains how various instruments are designed to measure the surface area of a grain of (cosmetic powder), to measure the opening size and volume of pores in (artificial bone), to determine the sizes and number of grains in (a gram of pharmaceutical powder) and to perform other physical measurements that may seem of limited practicality, but, in fact, greatly affect the properties and applications of almost all natural and manufactured materials.


Semi-retired, Paul continues to contribute articles on particle characterization.


The book can be ordered from any bookstore, but the price varies, typically around $110 per copy.

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