Peggy Houston Henderson


Class of 1954


My novel, SIGNPOSTS TO VICTORY, has just been published. It is classified as religious fiction and is available through (a division of Zondervan),, and also,



Signposts to Victory is composed of four parts.


In Part 1, three women set out on what they think will be an uneventful trip to a small southern town. The shocking discovery they make there, however, turns their lives upside-down, placing them in awkward and dangerous positions.


In subsequent parts, a series of unusual finds present unique challenges for other characters, as well. Shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, each surprising revelation calls for a solution, though often accompanied by painful inner struggles.


The question of forgiveness, the overriding theme of the novel, involves a choice each character must make that ultimately determines the path forward-toward either defeat or victory.



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