Class of 1957

"Ears To Hear, Talking With God In Prayer"

Shirley Austin Wright

Class of 1957

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Recently the editor of a newsletter from my alma mater notified its subscribers that one of my high school teachers had died. I wrote the editor of my feelings of loss and mentioned how this English teacher, Frances Feagin, had encouraged me continue to write after graduating. A few years ago I sent Miss Fagan a copy of the book I had published and received a note of gratitude and more encouragement.

The editor emailed me back and wanted to feature "Ears to Hear, Talking With God in Prayer" in the next newsletter. She asked if my book was on, or otherwise on the Internet. (The possibility never entered my mind until she asked.) It was not, so she requested a short blurb and a jpeg picture of the book. My scanner went down! I called the computer repairman. When he came over, even he couldn't get it to scan right away, so he suggested he take a copy of the book home, scan it and email it to me to send to Beverly. This repairman is from New York, a member of a family in/of the Mafia, and perhaps not a believer - of course, only God knows. Anyway, he called me the next morning and immediately asked, “Where is this book now?”

“In my closet.”

He stated, a bit briskly, “It needs to be on Amazon or at least Kindle! “

I was so surprised at hearing from him and of his feeling that ETH is worthy of further attention. I quickly let him know I hadn’t any idea of how that was done.

He said, “I’m on my way!”

Less than an hour later, he had "Ears to Hear......" on Kindle, and would not accept payment for it.

So, to answer your question in the first email differently – Yes! NOW ETH is on the Internet……because of you! That one question “Is ETH on Amazon, or otherwise on the Internet?” spurred the Spirit of God into action. You were used in a most wonderful way, Beverly, and you nor I expected God Almighty to step in and “see to it!”

In the meantime: one Sunday after church, during a called meeting, we were asked to make a special commitment, over and above our tithe to our building fund. I felt so burdened for our congregation. I fixed an amount in my heart that I want to give to this building fund, knowing that amount is not available through our personal finances .

Our Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills and I did, indeed, ask Him to sell a cow (Psalm 50:10b). Not even three days after that meeting, a book that I have had in a box in my closet for four years is on Amazon's Kindle and has gone international, making the offering I will make to the building fund more than a mere possibility! I have claimed it and He is faithful.

Beverly, what can I say? Thank you for being open to letting God use you without your knowing it for someone you wouldn’t know if we met on the street!

~ Shirley Austin Wright - Class of '57

Note: For many years, Shirley Austin Wright has enjoyed the art of signing words into messages as an interpreter for the Deaf, and also interpreting Christian music!! Her gift for communication is reflected through conversations with God that she shares in this book.


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