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July 12, 2014

Dear Albany High School Friends ...

Writing is a pure pleasure of mine … except in a situation such as this, because I know I will never be able to find enough special words to thank you for your cards and gifts to me. Also for those who were able to attend the “Surprise Gathering” in Albany … over 50 were there!

For those of you who could not attend … I’d like to share how the surprise came about, and was actually pulled off!

Marion and Marilyn Hay, Beverly Smith Herrington

Harriet Ort Cornelius and Don Braswell (all 1955)


It all began January 20, 2014. Harriet Ort Cornelius ('55) and Marion Hay ('55) began to plan a surprise function to be held June 6, 2014, in Albany GA. They spent HOURS over the next 5 months to make it happen!


They needed the emails for all Indians listed in the Albany High Times' email address-book, but they only had email addresses for their own Class of '55; so they punted! They started contacting people they knew who might have email addresses for their classmates. And with that plan, they were able to reach many Indians in classes from 1933 to 1964; but they honestly had no contacts for the years beyond that. And SOMEHOW, it all came together!

And so ... between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 P.M. the Gathering of AHS Indians took place at the Veterans Amphitheatre with our beautiful Flint River as a backdrop!

My husband, Tommy Herrington ('56), had told me we were going to Albany because several friends of Don Braswell ('55), our next door neighbor, wanted to honor him for his great football career at AHS, which included an All-American Guard award, and they needed us to bring him down for the occasion. So when they called Don's name to come sit at the front table, I led the applause and began to take pictures!

Harriet Ort Cornelius and Beverly Smith Herrington

A beautiful invocation was given by Dr. Don Kea, husband of Mary Dale Vansant ('56) Kea.

Then I heard Marion Hay, Master of Ceremonies, call my name to come down front ... and slowly it became clear ... this surprise was for me ... and the tears started!


A Proclamation was read by Dorothy Hubbard, Mayor of the City of Albany ... declaring June 6, 2014, as Beverly Smith Herrington Recognition Day in the City of Albany. They also presented a copy of Skywater to me, knowing that my personal copy had been borrowed some years ago and lost. This copy didn't have the personal note and signatures of Morgan Murphy and Lamar Clifton's, but Morgan's son, Mark Murphy signed it for them!  I could not have been more pleased!

Classmate Pam Tyler Johnston ('55), came over to share her Kleenex with me, because the tears just kept flowing.

(click to enlarge)


Both were beautifully and professionally matted and framed!

Then Harriet Ort Cornelius read a Resolution of Appreciation by the Past and Present Albany High School Students, Graduates, Alumni and Friends … and it, too, was framed, matching the mayor's proclamation!

At that point, Marion presented me with a check for $8,000 as a gift of appreciation for the Albany High Times and “News & Clues”. I was simply overcome. I actually said ... and it was the truth ... I had "...never seen that much money before!"

I was handed the mike and wondered how I could even utter a sound … but I recovered enough to try to express my appreciation for all the work it took to make the wonderful event happen, and to those who sent messages and gifts of appreciation, and to those who were able to come ... some traveling from quite a distance!

I was able to share a few things about the Albany High Times website and the “News & Clues” … and as I looked out at faces I had known for a long time, and faces I did not know, standing together in the Amphitheatre ... I also shared that in the last 13 years .... the greatest gifts that had come through my experiences with the Albany High Times, were the incredible "connections" it had brought to so many people.

Then it was time just to mingle and hug! One of the most exciting things for me was to finally put faces with Indians with whom I had been in touch through email over several years!!

Now let me be honest ... the births of my children and my marriage to Tommy Herrington just over 10 years ago, were the greatest days of joy in my life. But this day, June 6, 2014, turned out to be right up there next to them!

I will never forget the support and kindnesses of AHS Indians! Just don’t YOU ever forget ... AHS Indians came from "... just a small town in South Georgia, that grew the best kids ever raised!"

My hope is … maybe someday we can all get together and have a great big Albany High Times' POW WOW!  And for a start ... I have ALL the email addresses!!!!

My love and appreciation!


P.S.  Right now we are thinking about taking a couple of trips right here in the good old USA with my precious gift!  We gave serious consideration to going abroad - I've never been to Europe - but folks we are frankly past that point in our lives.  So pretty sure we are going to take the first trip north visiting two of Tommy's children, a daughter in West VA and his son and family in Chicago, and making some side trips up and back.  I have never seen the Statue of Liberty and I can't tell you how much I really want to do that.  Maybe a show in New York ... we're thinking!  And the second trip will be west!  Probably fly in to Colorado and visit my 3 children, 5 grands and 1 GREAT-grandson! Then visiting, rent a car and go west toward another place I have wanted to visit most of my life ... the Mormon Tabernacle ... and fingers crossed to be able to hear that great pipe organ played (and sit there and wish it was me playing), and hopefully hear a choral rehearsal!  Then on to California which I have never seen.  Tommy wants to look for the Dinosaur Dig ... !!!  Then we will head toward Phoenix to visit Tommy's eldest daughter; and back to Denver, after having seen "all our chirrin", to catch a plane for HerringtonHome and Ashley Dahlyn!! 

Special thanks to Johnny Holland and

Tom Herrington, photographers






Indians Who Participated in the Surprise!!

*** Alpha by last name while at AHS ***

(please check your information)




Barbara Able Burton, Class of 1957                    

Annette Abel Cromartie, Class of 1955                            

David  Adams, Class of 1956                  

Kenneth E. Adams, Class of 1963                       

Myrtis Adams Foley, Class of 1949                      

Pat Adams Shays, Class of 1956                           

Mary Ann  Allen Caldbeck, 1963                          

Lenwood “Len” D.  Alligood, Class of 1956                     

Barbara Amann Clement, Class of 1955                           

Jon E.  Anderson, Class of 1953                           

Laverne  Anderson Bridges, Class of 1950                       

Shirley Austin Wright, Class of 1957                   

Grace  Bailey Brown, Class of 1955                     

Alvin S. Bales, Jr., Class of 1961                           

Barbara  Ballard Meyer, Class of 1961                   

James C. Barbre III, Class of 1952                        

Brinson and Gail  Barlow Phillips, Class of 1954      

J.T. (Jimmy) Beasley, Class of 1955                     

Jay Beck, Class of 1962                            

Everett George Beckwith, Class of 1961                           

Janet Belflower Hegendenfer, Class of 1962                   

Glen and Judy Belle-Isle Gosa, Class of 1960 and 1963 

Corrine  Beverly Flanagan, Class of 1961                         

Patti Bishop Savelle 1960                        

Betty Black Rose, Class of 1955                           

John Boesch, Class of 1957; In Memory of my parents and sister

Bob and Judy Bowen Taylor, Class of 1955 and 1958    

Gloria Branan  Beaudet, Class of 1955                           

Don G. Braswell,  Class of 1955                           

Tommy Bridges, Class of 1955               

Dale Briggs Deckert, Class of 1957                      

Hazel Britton Newman, Class of 1954                

Sandra Brooks Dollar, Class of 1961; In memory of Tina Smith Cowan, my friend and classmate

Wren and Beverly Brown Harris, Class of 1961 and 1963 Bettye Bryan Pate, Class of 1954                         

Evelyn Butler Clifton, Class of 1950                     

Annette Butler Mitchell, Class of 1955               

Ted Cahill, Class of 1955                         

Ralph and Pat Calhoun, Class of 1947                

Don Calloway, Class of 1964                   

Edgar Campbell, Class of 1956              

Tricia Carroll King, Class of 1956                        

Glen and Linda Cartee Chapman, Class of 1954 and 1956                     

Harold Carter, Class of 1959; In Memory of Laura Sue Carter, Class of 1955; and Benny Brunson, Class of 1954 …brother of my buddy, John Leslie Brunson from Class of 1959

Ruth Chambers Honick, Class of 1958                

Elizabeth Champion, Class of 1963                     

Burl and Deanie Chesser                                      

Jack Clancy, Class of 1952                       

Myra Clark Johnson, Class of 1957; In Memory of Warren Johnson, Class of 1953

Donald "Butch" Clifton, Class of 1959                

Christine  Clifton Gibbs, Class of 1946                

James "Jim" N. Cline, Class of 1961                      

Kenneth and Carolyn Conaway Barr, Class of 1955 and 1957                  

Mary Jean Cook Selman, Class of 1955               

Jack C. Corbin, Class of 1959                  

Max  Council, Class of 1947                    

Jon Crawford, Class of 1954                   

Bill Creech, Class of 1959                        

David Cuthbertson, Class of 1960                       

Hank and Betty Darden Feldmann, Class of 1955 Cantey P. Davis, Class of 1961               

John L Davis, Class of 1947                     

Wynelle Davis Greenway, Class of 1950                           

Edwina Davis Shealy, Class of 1958                    

Patricia “Pat” A. Dean, Class of 1948                   

Carol Dorsey Thompson, Class of 1961                            

Jonnie Holley Douglas, Class of 1962                          

Frances Duggan Summerville, Class of 1965                   

Robert W. Duggleby, Class of 1956; In Memory of Gail Batey Duggleby

Joyce Duke Farnell, Class of 1948                        

Sonny and Betty Dunn Logan, Class of 1948 and 1949  

Patsy Dykes Watson, Class of 1955                     

Alma "Teddie" Ellis Lee, Class of 1953                

Ed Faber, Jr., Class of 1962                     

Jim Faircloth, Class of 1962                    

Kenneth Faircloth, Class of 1955                         

Bill Feild, Class of 1961                            

Joyce Fitzgerald Callahan, Class of 1955    

James T. Fitzpatrick, Class of 1962                      

Patricia "Trisha" Fowler Brooks, Class of 1962; In Memory of Dan Brooks, Class of 1956

Marie Fowler Howe, Class of 1956                     

Duffy  Frank, Jr., Class of 1953              

Becky Gammage Dupree, Class of 1955                           

Bruce L. Garey, Class of 1963                 

Charles R. Gillespie, Jr., Class of 1962                

Jerry and Lynda Glass Brimberry, Class of 1957 and 1959          

E.W. "Skip" Gnehm, Class of 1962                      

Chester R. Green, Class of 1933                           

Kay Hackney Grant, Class of 1961                       

Carl Hancock, Class of 1956                   

Frank and Pat Hancock Winderweedle, Class of 1952; In Memory of Lena Ford Couch, Class of 1950

Richard "Gooch" Harper, Class of 1954

Michael Harris, Class of 1964                 

Pansy  Hawk, Class of 1952                    

Bobby Hawkins , Class of 1956              

T. Wallace Hawks, Class of 1955                          

Marion and Marilyn Hay, Class of 1955; In Memory of Deceased Classmates of Class of 1955

Gwen Hay (Hardy)                                    

Betty Jean Hayes Gause, Class of 1954              

Janice Hayes McLendon, Class of 1955              

Harry Helton, Class of 1952                    

Joe E.  Henderson, Class of 1957                         

Carlene Henson Zimmerman, Class of 1960

Tom Herrington, Class of 1956              

Johnny Holland, Class of 1957                             

Tonia Holland, Class of 1955                   

Fred and Sandra Holloway Hancock, Class of 1955 and 1958    

Carol Hollowell  Zimmer, Class of 1955              

Catherine (Cathy) Holt Norton, Class of 1952                   

Tommy and Betty Holt Pattison, Class of 1954 and 1956            

Jeanene Horne Vail, Class of 1954                      

Peggy Houston Henderson, Class of 1954

Jack Howard, Class of 1955                    

Frieda Howard Randles, Class of 1954               

Janis Howze Polin, Class of 1955                         

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard                                      

Harold "Huddy" Hudgens, Class of 1963

John C. Huie, Class of 1956                    

Jean Hunter Sumner, Class of 1956                    

Peggy Irwin Davis, Class of 1954                          

Mariellen Johnson Bateman, Class of 1957                     

Charles S. Johnson, Jr., Class of 1954                   

Joanne  Johnston O'Quinn, Class of 1952                        

Thad Joiner, Class of 1964                      

Sara Joiner Eubanks, Class of 1961                     

Helen "Ducky" Jones, Class of 1953                    

Linda Jones Klett, Class of 1956

Katie Sue Jordan Gunnels, Class of 1954                          

Larry and Jane Jordan Styles, Class of 1959/1960 and 1960       

Russell (Rusty) E. Kaliher, Class of 1961

Laverne Kato Croft, Class of 1954; In Honor of Class of 1954 Reunion Committee

Ronnie F. Keel, Class of 1956

Gordon Kilgore, Class of 1956                

Ladd M. King, Class of 1962                    

Van  Knowles, Class of 1958                   

Margaret Langford Rowe, Class of 1952          

Bruce  Lanier, Class of 1955   

Howard  Law, Class of 1952                   

James "Jim" E. Leben, Sr., Class of 1947/1948               

Rebecca "Becky" Lee McCann, Class of 1961

Phyllis Lee Spier, Class of 1953              

Wilburn and Martha LeSueur Nicholson, Class of 1953 and 1956; In loving appreciation for all you do for all of us.

Daniel Lipsey, Class of 1956                   

Kay Lipsey Boynton, Class of 1955                      

Barbara Lipsey England, Class of 1952     

Bobby Mallard, Class of 1955                

James "Jimmy" V. Mallard, Class of 1954

Robert and Aloha Mallard Saye, Class of 1947

Ponny and Lynn Manuel, Class of 1955/1956; In Memory of Wayne and Joyce Kennedy, Ernest Frasier, Michael Cash, and Norman Stanaland, all members of Class of 1955

Ben "Toy" Martin, Class of 1959                          

Ed C. Martin, Jr., Class of 1945              

Julia "Julie" Mayer Bridges, Class of 1961

Pat "Patty" McCorkle Macolly, Class of 1955

Clark and Penny McDaniel Douthit, Classes of 1954 and 1956  

"Shawn" Shirley McDaniel Martin, Class of 1963

Dan and Faye McFee Cook, Classes of 1954 and 1955  

Katherine Meadors Ahouse, Class of 1961

Lee and Margaret Medlock English, Classes of 1957 and 1958  

Kathryne Meeks Sanders, Class of 1961                           

Adair and Suzanne Mellichamp, Class of 1954              

Hank Menefee, Class of, Class of 1956              

Marie Middleton Hendrix, Class of 1961                         

John B. Miller, III, Class of 1956                           

Jane Minton Womack, Class of 1955                   

Rosa Lee Mitchell, Class of 1957                          

DeAnne Moore Carson, Class of 1958                

Wilma Muse, Class of 1956                    

Tom and May Muse Stonecypher, Class of 1952

Warner and Dorothy  Musgrove Goodwin, Class of 1955          

Carleen Newell Flowers, Class of 1948; In Honor of Class of 1948 and In Memory of our deceased members

Anne Newsome Otwell, Class of 1957                

Wanda Olivant Proctor, Class of 1961                

Nettawyl Oliver Davis, Class of 1952                   

Harriet Ort Cornelius, Class of 1955                    

Ann Ortega Griffin, Class of 1962                        

Rudolph Norman Patterson, Class of 1957

Henry and Sara Pattison Dunn, Classes of 1959 and 1962          

Helen Paulson Arndt, Class of 1953                   

Helen Percilla Barnhart, Class of 1944               

Grayson Peters, Class of 1950               

Jimmy Phillips, Class of  1955                   

Sam Phillips, Class of 1960                     

Tommy and Linda Plummer Mansfield, Classes of 1953 and 1956       

Donald Poole, Class of 1956                    

Larry Prisant, Class of 1956                    

Suhayl Rafeedie, Class of 1956               

Sandra Redding Bell, Class of 1963                      

Perry and Dorothy Reeves Crosson, Classes 1952 and 1955                    

Jesse and Shirley Rich Way, Classes of 1952 and 1954  

James "Jim" V. Richter, Class of 1957                  

Susan Riffe O'Neal, Class of 1954                   

Joann Roark Arneson, Class of 1962                   

Thomas "Tom" Robinson, Class of 1961

Henry and Pat Rose Duggan, Classes of 1959 and 1963 

Anne Ruffin Folsom, Class of 1956         

Selmer Salvesen; In Memory of his wife, Peggy Eubanks Salvesen, Class of 1956

Jean Satterfield; In Memory of her husband, Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962, and in Honor of their friend, Bruce Garey, Class of 1963

James E. Sawyer, Class of 1948                            

Ruth Sawyer Cook, Class of 1954                        

Wayne  Sheffield, Class of 1955                           

David M. Sherman, Class of 1961                        

John Sherman, Class of 1963                 

John M. Sherman, Class of 1963                         

Luke “Lukie” Simmons, Class of 1952                  

Richard Simpson, Class of 1948                           

Joyce Skandamis Dove, Class of 1954

Roxana Speight Colvin, Class of 1956                 

Betty Spell Wooddy, Class of 1953; In Memory of James Louis Wooddy, Class of 1946

George Sperry, Class of 1957                 

Myra Spivey King, Class of 1955                           

Ritchey and Fonda Starnes Marbury, Classes of 1956 and 1957

Robert and Doris Staton English, Classes of 1954 and 1956       

Benny Stearman, Class of 1962                           

Annelle Stem Griffin, Class of 1952                     

Pauline Sterne Schochet, Class of 1957                

Charles B. Stewart, Class of 1955                        

Dioneca Stewart Denson, Class of 1957

Joanne Story Sullivan, Class of 1956                   

Troy Strickland, Class of 1954               

James  Strom, Class of 1957                   

Ray and Martha Strong  Johnston, Classes of 1957 and 1960    

Juanita Summerford Long, Class of 1957

Fred Sumter, Class of 1956; In Memory of Enzor Leroy Beckham

Ernest Sutton, Class of 1961; In Memory of Frank Hutto, Class of 1961

W.F. (Billy) Swaim, Class of 1950                         

Jerry and Peggy Tanner Deen, Classes of 1957 and 1958            

Brenda Tanner Shemwell, Class of 1964; In Memory of Mot Shemwell

Tommy M. Tarpley, Class of 1952                       

Goodloe and Delores Ann Taylor Yancy, Classes of 1947 and 1954        

Connie Thomas Pinkston 1950                   

Erline Thompson, Class of 1966; In Memory of Deceased Members of Class of 1966

Proctor and Pam Tyler Johnston, Classes of 1954 and 1955      

Virginia Tyson Copeland, Class of 1962

Marion Underwood Gandy, Class of 1954                       

Lawson Vann, Class of 1955                   

Don and Mary Dale Vansant Kea, Class of 1956

Carolyn Vaughn Holiman, Class of 1957

Margaret Vick Weimer, Class of 1951                

Dorothy Ward Moore, Class of 1956                   

Buster Wasden, Class of 1955                

June Webb Chandler, Class of 1955                   

Marcia Webb Spafford, Class of 1956                

Frank Wells, III, Class of 1948               


Tascar Williams, Class of 1944               

Thomas W. Williams, Class of 1957                    

Bill Wilson, Class of 1955                        

Claire  Wooddy Jones, Class of 1955                  

Roger and Frances Wright Simpson, Class of 1955

Bobbie  Young Wade, Class of 1962                   

Shelby Youngblood Olimpieri, Class of 1955





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