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*** THE BEGINNING of the END ***


(Information regarding ACCA's first attempt at "REPURPOSING" posted)

...NOTE: Were there earlier attempts in 2015, to REPURPOSE Albany High School??








Looks Like We Dodged A Bullet! ...




This new "out of a movie cafeteria" opened October 28, 2016 ...  
The doors of AHS (the 1st of 4 high schools in Albany GA) ...  CLOSED June 7, 2017

*** AHS students used their new cafeteria for less than 8 months ... 


Albany High School opens the doors to new cafeteria
Published: Friday, October 28th 2016; 5:38 pm EDT
Updated: Friday, October 28 2016, 5:38 pm EDT Friday, October 28th 2016, 5:38 pm EDT Friday
- By Amanda Hoskins, Reporter

The Albany High School cafeteria looked something like the scene out of a movie. On Friday, the band played, the choir sung and the doors were opened for the first time.

The $5.5 million SPLOST project was a long time coming. Before construction, there was nowhere to cook food in the building. Breakfast and lunch were prepared every day at Dougherty Middle School and brought to the high school. "For my students, I do anything and that was about anything, so for them to come to a new facility I think it is well deserved," said Cafeteria Site Supervisor Markeith Paramore."

"I thought that only existed on Hollywood movies, but cafeterias really do have comfort food lines, TVs, water refillables and it's quite wonderful," explained sophomore Cameron Drake. Drake said that he enjoyed the time he spent with his friends in the lunchroom, but now it will be even better.


1. 1955 AHS Indians remember that we were served delicious, hot meal choices ... prepared by a very special lady .... Mrs. Bass, our Cafeteria Superintendent ... and she cooked on property.

2. What year did cooking on property and preparing meals in AHS Cafeteria end?

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