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Pig 'n Whistle ... Popular 50's Teenage Drive-in!!!   Pig 'n Whistle ... Popular 50's Teenage Drive-in!!!

and from that picture, former Albany artist, Jean Weiner painted our PIG

September 12, 2009

~ Linda Anderson Burgess, Class of 1966:   Hi, I sent in the picture of Pig ‘N Whistle in 2007.  My mother worked there for several  years.  I am a '66 grad, so my memories are different than a lot of you.  If I remember right, the Pig was the first "car hop in Albany.  My mother worked there for about 3 years and I had plenty of hamburgers and French fries.  I remember then the "Pig" was part of the Slappey Drive loop when we were making the rounds, beginning at Shoney's, ending at the Quicke - which was at the upper end of Slappey on the right before the bridge.  It was Shoney's (60's), Arctic Bear, Brazier, Burger Chef ('60s), and the Quickie. 

The Pig and the Quickie was where the “older” crowd would hang out.  I met all my heart throbs from Turner Air Force Base with the fancy cars at the Pig.  I can remember the guys in their muscle cars lined up in the parking spaces next to Slappey to show off their “wares.”  When my sister came home to visit, my brother-in-law would hand me the keys to his candy apple red Chevy II and I got to strut my stuff for about a week!

I had my first car “accident” at the Pig.  Remember the wooden signs that were on either side of the entrance?  Well, I cut it a little too fast and a little too close.  Put a huge dent in the driver’s side of my mother’s car.  Oops!

I asked the Chamber about making an ornament for the Pig.  The lady I spoke with wasn’t a native and didn’t remember it but said she would give it to the committee.

I will forward this to my Sisters who are older than I. They probably can share some of their memories. 

and at night ... click to enlarge

This sign, like the one in Albany GA was the sign at the first Pig 'n Whistle in Macon, GA

Jean Weiner, the artist who painted Radium Casino ( and the Arctic Bear (,has now completed her painting of the The Pig n' Whistle ... the old 50's drive-in hangout!!! 

Please send your memories (and more pictures if you have them!)!!

October 16, 2009


~ Charles Hill, Class of 1960:  Hi this is Charles Hill, class of 60.  I wonder if anyone remembers the MULE that we found and kept for about 2 weeks.  I remember riding the mule (with Pat Vinson) down Slappey Drive to "the Pig" and asking for curb service.  Yes we got it.

October 8, 2009

~ Paul Henry, Class of 1961:  Yes, I remember the Pig & Whistle, but as for colors, etc., that was a long time ago.  Someone that had an old photo would be a great help for her.  Sorry I can't be of more help.

October 6, 2009

 ~ Bill Cody, Class of 1962: I've been getting all kinds of emails from different people trying to figure out the "colors" of the old Pig and Whistle....maybe you have the time I would have been old enough to frequent the "Whistle", we were in Texas....In high school (Orlando) we had a place called the Steak & Shake and every school was represented nightly with "cruising" the parking lot....didn't spend any money - just rode around and around the parking why did we do that?...showing off our "wheels" dad let me use his car...a 1951 wonder I couldn't get a date....funny

October 5, 2009

 ~ Lindall Palardy, Class of 1959: Though I suffer from the C.R.S. Syndrome, it is my belief that the roof in question was merely an overhang to protect waitresses and/or customers from the elements and the late afternoon hot sun burning brightly from the western direction.  Furthermore, I believe it was metal in nature in order to withstand the elements. If I'm not mistaken the color was an alternate white/red. The squat building to the right was the cooking pit. Not shown in the photo was a stand alone building to the right of the pit where customers could use the tables and not eat with the flies and mosquitoes and the cold weather, because of the partially opened car windows that held the serving trays.  I can not testify as to the pig emblem because I never got out of my car to order, because I always enjoyed my barbecue with beer and since I was a minor, I always took great care in hiding my liquid contraband!

"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge" - Bertrand Russell

~ John Boesch, Class of 1957: 
Call me crazy, but I think the roof of "The Pig" was red and white...


~ Tommy Herrington, Class of 1956: found this Resolution in the Georgia General Assembly Archives.  Does anyone know this honored couple?


05 LC 33 0997
Senate Resolution 38 EX
By: Senators Johnson of the 1st, Williams of the 19th and Brown of the 26th
Honoring Gene and Lucia Brantley on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary; and for other purposes.
WHEREAS, on the fateful day of June 10, 1954, Gene and Lucia Brantley met at the Pig and Whistle in Albany, Georgia; and
WHEREAS, exactly one year later, on June 10, 1955, Gene and Lucia became engaged and then began their happy union in marriage on October 15, 1955, in Leesburg, Georgia; Click here: Georgia General Assembly to read the rest of the Resolution!


~ Harriet Ort Cornelius, Class of 1955: Had dinner with brother Harry (Ort - '59) and wife

Shani tonight.  Bobby Erkhart ('58) was visiting for a couple of days.  I posed the question of "The Pig and Whistle" colors and so forth.  They both had some great tales to tell (NOTE: send them in boys, send them in!).  The little building in the middle of the two larger buildings was the bar-b-que pit and the one on the left was the dining room.  There was a big neon sign on the highway that simulated a pig walking.  I had forgotten that.  Anyway,  Bobby said there was another Pig and Whistle owned by the same owner, in Macon and he thinks that it is still there.  Thought maybe someone could check it out and see what the colors are.  

If my memory is correct (which is not a sure thing these days), the stripes were red & white............but not a bright Georgia Bulldog red, I think closer to a darker shade such as a Crimson Tide red or Oklahoma red. Anyway,  I find it interesting, and I want it to be as authentic as possible.  It will truly be a picture we'll all want!

~ Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955:  Wasn't Tommy Webb's (55) father the owner of both places?  It's time for Tommy (Herrington '56) and me to go to Macon for BBQ!!!

October 4, 2009

From Albany High Times FaceBook Wall: Gail Clanton Cole (daughter of ???)
The "Pig" was in the 100 block of Slappey Blvd., (1 block north of the Arctic Bear!).  Now Knights Appliances sits to the left, and a Greek restaurant sits to the right of its original site. Across the street on the corner of Broad & Slappey was the Davis Brothers Cafeteria. Midtown Shopping Center was built in the early 60's across the street, but mostly facing towards Broad Avenue where Shoney's Big Boy once was...but in the middle of Midtown's parking lot was a octagon shaped building, where you could go at Christmas time to sit on Santa's knee!


~ Jim Crowley, Class of 1955: I think the strips were either pink and white and a screw tail pink pig was the emblem


~ Sherry Mixon Pierce, Class of 1960: I believe it is a pig standing on its' hind feet holding a whistle.

~ Patricia Floyd Hazen, Class of 1955: Sorry, but I can't help at all with Pig research.  I had 'stars' in my eyes during those times and never saw a 'pig'.  


~ Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955:  Me either - don't even remember eating a thing there ... I did enjoy the smooches!!!

 ~ Ben Swilley, Class of 1960:  I feel certain the colors were red and white. If you could see over the counter and had a quarter you could buy a beer in a goose neck bottle and two sips would make you see red and white. This would be shortly before you became temporarily blind. Fortunately, sometime the next day you would regain your sight.

 ~ Bob Mock, Class of 1969: I sent your request to my old friend Bee McCormick of "Bob's Candy". Perhaps she will shed some "color" on this.  On another note for the Pig & Whistle request, has anyone looked at the GA Archives? Just a thought.  Best Wishes!

 ~ Milt Robinson, Class of 1959: The Pig & Whistle sign (the pig itself) is at Satterfield's Bar-B-Que in Macon near downtown, just off Riverside Drive. It has been several years since I've been there but I had always understood that was the original pig sign from Albany.

Back in the 50s, my aunt, Eva Gregorie Collins and her friend, Sister Farkas Wigzell, would take me with them to the Pig to cruise the place. Since I was five years younger than they were, I was made to sit on the back floor of  the big old Desoto automobile so as not to spoil their chances. Apparently it worked - they both landed lifetime partners. Was I the lucky charm or was it the Pig? All I know is I enjoyed whatever they handed me on the floor of the back seat to keep my mouth full and my mouth shut.

October 3, 2009

 ~ Leon Perrett, Class of 1956: The Pig' was on my paper route.   The manager would see me coming on Saturday AM and put on two big hamburgers and an order of fries.  All the trimmings and a big, big slice of onion.   He would let me sit in the kitchen area and eat, especially n the winter.   Saturday A.M. was collection day so I had the money to pay him.   When I came back to Albany in the 60's we would eat there and get a good, good, very good  corn beef sandwich with chips and beer.  The beer was after we got off from work.  Lunch time was a coke and after hours was an occasional beer.   This was in the 60's and I was of legal age.  But, haven't had a beer in over 40 years.

October 2, 2009

 ~ Bob Milligan, husband of Marilyn Hout, Class of 1953: My wife, the former Marilyn Hout and I have enjoyed reading your web pages and keeping up with so many of her former classmates.  I see that you are possibly going to have some articles about "the Pig."  I met Marilyn when I was stationed at Turner AFB, and we just celebrated out 55th wedding anniversary.  My first glimpse of her was at "the Pig", and I still remember the image.  I have a couple menus from around 1952 and have scanned one which I am attaching (see below - click to enlarge).  I am an old Ohio farm boy who served in the USAF from January 1951 to January 1955.  Marilyn is an AHS graduate in 1953.



 ~ Harry Helton (’52): What about the "Pig and Whistle"?  That was in my time.  That was the center of the World.  We had all kinds of meetings there.  When we went off to college or the army and come home on the weekends or any time you could go there and find many of your buddies.  After a movie, we would go there with our dates for a hamburger and coke (Coca-Cola).  After we took our dates home so the father would not come out looking for us, we (the boys) would have another meeting at the "PIG".  When they took that place away in the name of progress, they took away a life long monument!  With tears in my eyes I thank you.  


~ Eva Gregorie Collins, Class of '54:  I remember Harry Helton, and his letter was so poignant.  It brought tears to my eyes also to remember the "Pig and Whistle".  That is where I met the love of my life 55 years ago. Now that Jim is gone, a painting of the "Pig" would mean so much to me. PLEASE Ms. Weiner ... paint The Pig?  Memories, memories!
~ Dave McIntyre (’52) There is no doubt that the "Pig and Whistle" was the place where all the AHS'ers would hang out with their dates and the guys sometimes returned after taking their dates home.
I remember returning to the PIG after taking my date home one summer evening in '51 that I ran into football teammate Bubber Whitaker (54). We starting talking about Daytona Beach and by midnight we had convinced ourselves that we had no choice but to leave immediately for Daytona after going home to get a blanket to sleep on the beach. A couple of other guys went with us, memory fails who, joined us and off we went. We arrived early the next morning in Daytona with about $20 between us. We spent nothing on food, only liquids for ourselves and the car, a 1938 Lafayette. After a couple of days with only gas money for trip back, we were starting to get real hungry. From out of nowhere appeared Jeanne Baumgartel (Harvey) '52 with her relatives. Jeanne was always a sight for anyone's' eyes but she was a real angel that day as she and her relatives took us to lunch before we started home that evening in a gale storm that that did not let up till we hit the state line. The good old days.  
Harry Helton is right "THE PIG WAS THE PLACE".


Perry Eugene Crosson (PeeWee), Class of 1952: Thanks for the picture.  I believe the 49/50 Ford, the second car pictured from left to right was mine. 


~ Ralph Calhoun, Class of 1948: An Incident at the Pig “n Whistle ... one time all of us, my brother, Jim Calhoun ’50, and his family and me and my family had been to the Pig and Whistle for Bar-B-Que. Jim/James backed out of the parking space and backed between the guy wire and the telephone pole which he did not see and he did not scrape the car with either the guy wire or telephone pole. I bet that if he had known that the wire and pole were behind the van that we were in he could not have backed out without a scrape from one or the other.

Since I went to high school in the 1940’s, I remember getting Bar-B-Que at the drive-in out Jefferson near the big tree (The Friendship Oak) in the middle of the road. It was named The Black Cat.

Since we lived in the 400 block of Second Avenue, I went to high school by going out the gate in the back yard and going down the alley or going up the driveway by Coach Kidd’s apartment to Third Avenue and walking on down to AHS. When I went down Third Avenue, I walked by the hospital where I was born. I have always thought that Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital had one of the most distinctive names of any hospital in the USA.


~ Linda Anderson Weinberg, Class of 1966:  Thought you might like to know that I suggested the Pig N Whistle for next year’s ornament.  My sister has some pics but I forgot to bring them when I was in NC so that I could scan them in.  My Mother worked there as a waitress in the early 60s.


~ Walter Dees, Class of 1955: The Pig & Whistle was THE PLACE TO SEE & BE SEEN in 1954-55. I enjoyed seeing who came & went & who was dating who! A GREAT Place to remember!

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