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How to Paint a Masterpiece!!!

I just wanted to send an illustrated follow up to my recent newsletter announcing, "Arctic Bear." Early feedback is indicating this looks to be a popular piece and I thank you for that! Here are several photos that show the step-wise progression of the original watercolor painting. Keep in mind, in watercolor, whites are actually the white of the paper. Light colors are applied first and darks are built on top in several layers.

Step 1: Transfer line sketch to watercolor paper.

Step 2: Begin the painting from top down. Apply masking fluid to the Arctic Bear sign and the top of the building to save whites. Paint the night sky and apply the first layer of light green for the distant trees.

Step 3: Build the deep greens in the distant trees. Remove masking fluid uncovering whites. Paint that familiar neon sign!

Step 4: Start on all that itty bitty drive in lettering. Anyone for an icey cold Coca Cola? Apply masking fluid to the foreground cars and people to save the white paper.

Step 5: Begin applying light foreground washes of color.

Step 6: Build stronger foreground color values.

Step 7: Lift the masking fluid and begin painting cars.

Step 8: Finish painting the cars and people. Spray the left and right lower margins with blue to bring the focus back to the light radiating from the drive in windows. Sign!

Thanks for having a look at this labor of love of mine! 

Jean Weiner

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