Tiny Boppers



When we were VERY young

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1955ers at Miriam Jordan's Birthday Party

(L to R): Harriet Ort, Miriam, Laura Sue Carter and Lynette Layson



Picture submitted by Jay Beck, Class of 1962

This picture was taken in my front yard at 1402 Eager St. You can see the street was not yet paved, and the trees and shrubs planted after the subdivision was built are just starting to grow.

Play acting like we were in a football game for my mother to photograph are (left to right):


Bill Arnold, Hamilton Jordan (holding the ball), Richard Stalvey being faked blocked by me (Jay Beck), Bobby Boesch leaning on Buddy Dial and Ronnie Cannon. Not sure who the blond kid stooped-over in the foreground is.


This would have been about 1951-1952  we all look about 7-8 years old.


Pictures submitted by Nan Murphy Claypool (63)

The 3 little kids sitting or standing on the side of the swimming pool were Kathy Spann, Bubba Hughes ('61) and me. I'm the youngest, Bubba was probably 3-31/2 and Kathy maybe a year older. It was taken in Kathie's backyard on Slappey, and that poor little pool was probably 6ft x 6ft, but we loved it.


Joel Hammond ('52), Ben Bailey ('53),  and Proctor Johnson ('54)

(whose the little one peeking around Proc?)


Katie Sue Jordan ('54)


Patricia Floyd ('55) with big sister, Sara ('53)

Harriet Ort ('55)

Susan Riffe ('54)

The Smith Sisters

Tina ('61), Beverly ('55), and Sharon ('58) Smith

Anyone for tennis?

Tommy Herrington ('56)


Mrs. Strom with sons, Walter (54) and Jim (57)


T. Wallace Hawkes ('55)


Who is this?

Your picture here?


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