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Before High School!! 

 ~ Scouts, birthday parties, etc.

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~  Class of 1960 ~


~ Submitted by Betty Nix Rouse

1950's Civitan League Baseball Team

Coach Bob Nix


~  Class of 1962 ~


~ Submitted by Jay Beck

Jay Beck, Connie Cordell, Harry Davis and Bobby Boesch in front of Strawberry Hill Kindergarten

Left to Right - Billy Arnold, Jay Beck, Richard Stalvey, Unknown, 
Unknown in Scout uniform, John Boesch (Den leader) , Jay Pryor, David Poole



Left to Right - Unknown, Billy Arnold, Hamilton Jordan, Jay Beck, 
Unknown, Bobby Boesch,

Ronnie Arthur, Buddy Dial 




Top - John Boesch - Troup Leader
Second Row - Bobby Boesch, Richard Stalvey, Ladd King, Jay Beck
Bottom row - Unknown, Bill Arnold, David Poole, Jay Pryor


Left to Right - Billy Arnold,

Jay Beck, Richard Stalvey, Unknown,  Unknown in Scout uniform, John Boesch (Den leader), Jay Pryor, David Poole


~  Class of 1963 ~


~ Submitted by Nan Murphy Claypool

First Presbyterian Children's Choir

Probably 1951 or 1952

Left to Right
First Row: Sandra Ward, Jane Inman, Barbara Lang, Nancy Mansfield, Nan Murphy
Second Row: David Fuller, Carolyn Crook, Ellen Green, David Paros, Suzy Styles, Susan Hudgens
Third Row: Elaine Paros, Johnny Hudgens, Tomm
y Crouch, Susan Lee, Gin Inman
Fourth Row: ------, -----, Margaret Cody, -------, Bill Cody
Director: Mrs. Crook
(One of the unnamed boys is a Crook)



~ Submitted by Andrea Cantrell Jones


Palmyra School Brownies




Former Brownies ... are you in this photo? How many of us can you name?
For starters, I am in the 3d row between (I think) Kay Dennis and Sandra Stokes. Ann Elkins is on Kay's left and Gayle Walden is on Sandra's right. 


~ Submitted by Bruce Garey ('63)


Cub Scout Pack 10 - 1955

Sponsored by Turner Elementary School

Cubmaster was Walter C. Garey


This photo was taken about 1 March 1955 at Camp Osborne at the “blue hole.” Cubs were cleaning moss and algae out of the spring. 


This photo was taken at the “the lean-toos.” Cubs were preparing to eat supper.


This photo was taken about 1 March 1955 at Camp Osborne. It is Cub Scout Pack 10, sponsored by Turner Elementary School. This photo was taken as the Cubs were roasting marshmallows before lights out.


Submitted by Paul Davis '57

Boy Scout Troup #7

Some of the names remembered by Paul are:

Row one: Leonard (can't remember his last name), Robert Denson, Willis (do not remember if that was his first name or last name), Franklin Fudge, Henry Wortman, Jimmy Chapman, holding the flag, Ernest Adams.  Standing first row: Hugh Belcher, Don (his daddy is on the right side behind the boys), Adair Mellichamp, Jack Davis, Myron Fisher, Paul Davis, Ernest Bridges, Roger Adams, David Lee Little.  The two men in the back - on the left of Jack is my father, Orlando Davis, and the other man I cannot remember his last name. 

Betty Nix's Birthday Party - 1947


Chart of Names



Anna's Piano Recital

Who are these children?

Submitted by Tommy Pattison ('54)

Albany Herald Pictures & Article of Biscuit Eater

Tommy Pattison ('54), writes, "My mother took me to the parade for the movie but I don't really remember it.  I was 4 years old.  I don't recognize anyone in the picture except for Mrs. Lackland."

Lillian Lackland ('52) writes: I used to have the original picture, but don't know who has it now (maybe my brother, Bill Lackland)Anyway, I do remember a few of the names of folks in it.  Some of the names I remember are: (kneeling on right side of  coffee table) Lillian Lackland, and Billy Lee sitting directly  behind the table. Scattered throughout the picture are Jo Marks, Pat Chandler Hannah, Perry Mobley, Nancy Hodges Calloway, Cantey Pace (brother or JuJu and Gladys who died about 3rd or 4th grade, I think), Chan Flock, Bernice__, and one of the Haley boys, I think.

The oldies are wonderful!!!!

Picture submitted by Sara Cordell Lewis (55)

1955 Girls


Front Center: Connie Cordell; Seated: ?, Sydnor Peacock, Marlene Kahn and Sara Cordell;

Standing: Beverly Smith, ?, Maureene Bass, Annette Able, and Charlotte Curry. 

Submitted by ~ James Fort

Albany Herald shows a 1943 birthday party

for Sammy Tyson (1958)


Attendees … James Fort, Tony Steele, Betty Joe Davis, Herbert Gladin, Sandra Tyson, Sammy Tyson, Bobby Wills, Mary Dean Melton, Terry Griffin; back row – Carol Houston, Joy Fort, Patsy Davis, Billy Huston, Judy Steele, Freddie Melton, Jackie Gladin and Pete Lewis.   

Recognize any of them?  Ah, the joys of living in a small town … an 8 year old’s birthday party makes the Albany Herald!!

Albany Herald

Friday August 27, 1948

YMCA Playground Begun:  Work was started this week on a playground at the YMCA that will produce two tennis courts, volley-ball courts, a cinder track, horse shoe posts and several other activities for the youngsters.  Jerry Mays, athletic director at the “Y” got a bunch of kids out this week to start the cleaning up process on the lot next to the “Y”, where the playground will be constructed. 

Left to right are:  Bobby Wills, Bobby Mallard, Taylor Harrison, Wendall Prince, John Miller, Larry Harper, Kenneth Makant, Jr. Don Braswell, Roger Wells and Buster Wasden.

Submitted by Don Wynn (Spees)

Midget League Pop Warner - East Albany

1950 - 1951

Front Row, Left to Right:  Greg Galli, Freddie Price, Carol Bush, D. C. Davis, Joe Barr, Thomas Rutherford, Curtis Faircloth and Billy ??? 

Back Row, Left to Right:  Coach Don Lamb, "Berry" ???, Raymond Ruffner, Sidney (Butch) Quick, Carl Sydney, Billy Ivey, Hugh Wallace, and Don Wynn. 




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