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Last updated 08/27/2015

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Hey Indians!

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Ben (1952) and Verneda Bailey

Wren Harris (AHS 61)

and Beverly Brown Harris (AHS 63)



Joe Mann, Class of 1964 and wife Joyce, Class of 1970, Howe HS, Indianapolis IN

Alice Fay Smith Nieves (1961)

B.B ('52) and Elsie Rhodes celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the Colorado Rockies 


Anne Ruffin, Class of 1956 and Family at baptism of two of the children

  Mary Anne Johnston Crowe and Harriet Ort  Cornelius (1955)

Hambone (Cecil) Hamilton ('52)

Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on the mountain-top ...

Wilburn ('53) and Martha LeSueur ('56) Nicholson ... Forever in Blue Jeans!!!

Sara Joiner ('61) with husband, George Eubanks, and adopted baby, Lady, in July of 2006

1958 grads Jamye Aultman Ivey, Julia Massey Culpepper and Judy Pryor Hoxie touring Charleston together

Juanita Summerfield Long, Diane Pulliam Wells, Kenyon Watson Cline (1957 band members) and Don Wells ('57)

Tommy ('53) and Linda Plummer ('56) Mansfield





Charlotte "Charlee" Boyett~Compo ('66) and husband, Tom

Jack Ivey ('56)

 Photo submitted by Ray Mock ('67).  All except three of the group (listed to the right), are AHS grads!  Ray's mother, Dorothy Helton Mock  (Harry Helton's ('52) sister, was in the class of '39 (he thinks she was in the same class as Sam Yarborough and Analoiuse McCormack). She was the editor of the yearbook, in the band and on the student council.

Left to right is Charlie ('68) and Lyndra Mock, Bob Mock ('69), Dan Mock, Kathy Mock Mullen, Harry and Gere Helton ('52), Ray ('68) and La'Ne Mock, Teresa Pesacreta, Molly Mock Griffin (in sunglasses), Dorothy Mock (my daughter) holding Dayle Holley's grandson, Harriett Mock Elkins, Don and Donna Holley, Dayle Holley Morris. Missing from the picture is Dick Mock who had to work at Phoebe and Jimmy Mock who died in 1996

Life is Good!!! John Grissett ('44)

Gordon Stem ('50), Lamar Clifton ('46) and Annelle Stem ('52) Griffin


 Richard Tison ('70) with wife Beth and daughter and son-in-law Heather and Warren Nichols

Jerry Brimberry, Ish Verner, Harry Ort, Toby Ivy and Wayne Pridgen at the 1957 50th Reunion

Youngest class member - Caren Dilts ('97)!!


Peggy Forehand Pritchett ('44) and husband, Jimmy

Paula (Heirs) Deen ('65)and sons, Jamie and Bobby


Kent (AHS '77) and Beth Pattison (WHS '78) Lofton with daughters Mary and Sara

Lukie (1952) and Jo Ann Simmons at their 50th Wedding Anniversary 7/06

Julian (Pee Wee) Parsons (1955)

Ray (Ragsdale) Stevens (1957)


Ernie Frazier (1955)

Frank Thurmond (1957)

Don Shirley (1956) and Wandell Deason were married October 28, 2006

Bobby Joe Johnston (1958)

  Van Knowles (1958) and Wesley
David Cravey (1954) and Goo Goo Heidt (1953)

Man Without a Horn ... still smiling!!

Bob Duggleby (1956)


Joel Blackwell (1962) and Suzanne Grady

Walter Burnett (1955) in the TR-3 used in the movie, "Flywheel".
He played a mechanic named Max in the two hour feature film.  He was also in "facing The Giants", but alas, he wound up on the cutting floor!  BUT ... he made it in "Fireproof"!!


Lillian Lackland (1952) Sullivan

Bobby Erkhart (1958)

Katie Sue Jordan (1954) Gunnels


B.B. (1952) and Elsie Rhodes

Shown in the Albany Herald outside their home 6/13/06.  They moved to new home on higher ground after suffering flood damage in 1994 and 1998.


Wayne Kennedy (1955)

Paula Hiers (1965) Deen, Tommy Pattison (1954) and Paula's husband, Capt. Michael Groover at a book signing at Books-A Million ... 





  Buddy Fleming (1955) at an Opening Night at his Art Gallery .

Charles Johnson (1954) and Adair Mellichamp (19'54)This photo is visual proof of what life can do to people who move away from their SW Georgia roots.  Best wishes, Adair 

Daniel Roy (1956)and Laurie Lipsey

Dinner on Wakiki

 Freddie Sumter (1956)

SuLynn Hatcher Landon, and Charles and Marylin Flowers Cowan (all 1960)

Lamar Clifton (1946) and Evelyn Butler Clifton (1950)

Sara Cordell Lewis and Mary Jean Cook Selman (1955)

Brinson and Gale Barlow Phillips (1954) married December 2004!!!   Grace Traylor Coleman (1950)

Lawson Vann (1955)

Richard (Gooch) Harper (1954)


Jerry (Squirrel) Clark (1954)

 Mary Dale Vansant Kea (1956), Frank Orgle (1956) and wife

Roxana Speight Colvin (1955)


Susan Riffe (1954) & Ed O'Neal

 Bobby Hawkins (1956)


Tom (1956) Herrington,
& Beverly (1955) Smith

concluding their Family & Friends Concert after their wedding, March 20, 2004, singing "Abba-Daba Honeymoon"!


 Barbara Abel Burton (1957)


Harold Carter (1959) and wife, Janet

Percy (1955) and Miriam Warren


Delores Ann Taylor (1954) Yancy

jackandpeggy.jpg (44399 bytes)Jack and Peggy Jo (1954) Irwin Davis 
Tonia Holland (1955) Helvik at the piano. pete3.jpg (5943 bytes)

Pete (1958) and Michelle Lewis


Hinky (1959) & Sara Pattison (1962) Dunn

Robert (Bob) Gotsch (1953)   

Barbara Amann (1955) and Edward Clement, married October 5, 2003!

Marion Hay (1956)


lindajones.jpg (19051 bytes)

Bob & Linda Jones (19'56) Klett, somewhere in Tibet, Katmandu, Bhutan,

Shanghai or Singapore!!!

  Jacquie Albert (1955) Ermey - with first grandchild, Matthew

Sharon Smith Spies (1958)


  Jimmie Holland (1957)


Leon Perrett (1956) and wife Wanda



John Davis, Faye Brooks Lewis (now deceased)), Eugene Cone, and James Leben (1947) in Dillsboro N.C.   

Jon Crawford, (1954). 

Bill and Frieda Howard (1954) Randles 

Charlie (1955) Foster with beauties (hint: relatives)!

Sonny (1957) Davis with Trisha (1962) Fowler and Dan (1956) Brooks in Cancun

Tommy (1954) and Betty (Holt) (1956) Pattison


Buster (1955) and Brenda Martin (1959) Wasden


Ponny (1956) and

Lynn Manuel 


Tommy Greenstone (1954) with some of his photo-art


rossmans.jpg (23675 bytes)

Joe Ed (1955) and Betty Rossman


Harriet (1955) Ort and Jerry Cornelius




Alabama Sunset at their home!

 Parmelee (1954) and Edwina Ward 

Pete Gee and Barbara Culpepper Johnson (both 1955)


  Sam (1955) and Jan Mansfield 


  Girls at lunch (1955) ... Janice Hayes McClendon, Mary Anne Johnston Crowe, Harriett Roach Vaughn, Tonia Holland Helvik, Jane Towery Masciarelli, and Harriet Ort Cornelius.



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