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The Albany High Times 

... how it began ... and where it's going ...

... 2016 and proudly celebrating 14 years !!!

The ALBANY HIGH TIMES ~ first named and  posted: August 16, 2002

Original AHS website (temporary) ~  first posted: June 4, 2002

Tribe Notes ... from Beverly  

  Since August 16, 2002 

In April 2002, Charlie Stewart ('55) mailed an article on "Skywater" to me (the wonderful book about Radium Springs written by Morgan Murphy and Lamar Clifton).  It mentioned that the City of Albany was considering "doing away" with the Casino and Pavillion.  Steam came out of my head, my eyes, my ears ... my nose.  I wondered if other Indians had seen this article.  I decided to type the article and email it to AHS students whose email addresses I had collected.  Suddenly I began to receive an email outcry, and not only that ...  they included their "memories of Radium"  representing different class years.  And they kept come ... and I decided I couldn't keep those memories to myself and not share; so I began to compile them, emailing them back to the ever-increasing email base.  Then, something else happened ... those people forwarded to other Indians from other classes and THEY began to share memories of Radium, AHS and Teachers - and as memories grew, so did the email base.   The problem was ... keeping up with the memories via email ... to whom I had sent, who was new and needed all of them, etc., became quite a job; so as I had just created a personal website for myself, I decided to create a few AHS WebPages inside my personal website.

That's when an incredible thing began to happen ... the WebPages began to reconnect and bond students who had lost track of one another over the years ... and believe it or not, there was suddenly a whole lot of lovin' goin' on!!!   Moreover, folks who were not necessarily friends in high school made new friends.  And it just kept on growing so much so that I decided to convert the webpages within my personal website to a completely independent website for AHS and named it ... THE ALBANY HIGH TIMES, which I hoped would tell of "times" past, present, and future of our wonderful TRIBE!  It HAS ... thanks to the volumes of emails and information each month sent by members of a GREAT TRIBE!!!

So here we are having fun looking back and eagerly anticipating looking forward.   Now, in addition to the MAIN Albany High Times website, because even that website became too large, so sub-websites were created ... like Radium Springs (, and Archives of "News & Clues" issues. NOTE: the N&C's home page is down but the following will take you to the page that lists the different years (  Total pages from the three sections number over 400 pages, and we are heading toward 130,000 hits!  There are approximately 2,000 email addresses grouped in classes from 1933 to 2006!  There is also a Search Engine at

It's been a great journey ... and we continue to look for ways to expand and/or improve this site as we add new subject pages perhaps you or your class would have an interest in participating.  Please send information or photos (in jpeg format) to:

My greatest fear is that the outdated web program I use will someday become incompatible with the new fangled servers used by my "host" company ... and frankly who can blame them for striving to have "the best" available for their customers.  Problems have already cropped up; but I've been able to work around them to some degree - but every month my program misbehaves on their servers, so I try to find workarounds ... and sometimes I can't.  Soooooo ... one day my fear is ... my program will stop limping along and just quit.  I want to keep "the original look" and the thought of recreating over 400 web pages on another program ... frankly blows my mind!  Yet to think of all the years of making this website what it is ... as the King of Siam would say ... "Iz a puzzlement"!!!


      To our TIMES together ~ ~ ~

              Beverly Smith Herrington 

                AHS Class of 1955

                    Creator and Webmaster


FYI:  To be honest, this website program is ancient and therefore does not allow anything to be added or changed except from this computer. 


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